3 Facts for the Day

2 03 2013

1. Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone had the innocent honesty of a young child. It would certainly make things easier. Criminals would turn themselves in if they were like my daughter. Yesterday I saw a lump of her under the covers. I asked, “Chloe, what are you doing? Are you under there because you’re doing something you shouldn’t be?” A tiny whisper with a tone of defeat replies “yes.” Then when I bought her paints last night at the store, she proudly proclaimed to the cashier, “I’m gonna make a mess!” It might be a better world, but on second thought, if you’ve ever had a kid tell you that you’re fat, then honesty may not be the best policy after all.
2. Well, it happened. My little, baby girl hurt my feelings tonight. I know I’m being silly, but I can’t help it. When I went to pick her up, I didn’t get a hug. I barely got acknowledged for that matter. When it was time to leave and go home, she didn’t want to go with me. She cried and ran away. She was more interested in the allure of the iPad. I know it’s silly to be bothered by it, but it made me sad. Does my little girl no longer need her Mommy?! After a hard day at work, I look forward to love from my babies.
3. As bedtime grew closer, Chloe and I played together, jumping on the bed and hiding under the covers (yes, I realize that’s not a very good bedtime ritual for eliciting sleep). We had a jolly time. For Chloe, not a harsh word had occurred between us. For Chloe, nothing had gone wrong. Chloe just knows she loves her Mommy, and assumes her Mommy can see it as clearly as she can. Young children don’t know rejection. They can’t fathom such a thing. They know pure, sweet love that is forgiving and never falters despite what may surround it. Isn’t it interesting that the closer you are to the time God fashioned you in the womb, the closer you are to understanding how He wants love to be: unconditional, everlasting, and true. Deep thoughts for bedtime.





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