3 Facts for the Day

5 03 2013

1. I had a moment of absolute terror this morning. Bailey slept for an almost 6 hour stretch last night. I awoke at 3:30 am and went to check on her. Her head was cocked strangely to the side, pale and motionless. I touched her face and it was cold as ice. My heart jumped into my throat, as I momentary thought my child was dead. It was probably only a split second before she moved her head after I had touched it, but the fraction of time where I thought I had lost her was unexplainably horrible. I don’t think it had been helped by someone at work yesterday who spoke about a family member’s baby passing away from SIDS. That is like the worst word you can utter around the Mom of an infant. I cannot fathom losing a child, and don’t like to think about it. My heart hurts for those who have lost their babies, no matter the age. Bailey was sleeping so soundly that I surprised myself by not scooping her up right then. I walked back down the hall and prayed to God to take care of her. A Mother could stay awake all night with fearful concern for their baby. I gave my fears to Him this morning. But I’ll admit that when Bailey woke on her own 30 minutes later, I was more than eager and pleased to take her into my arms.
2. I’ve had a nice Monday, as usual. Bailey woke me up early and she and I spent some quiet time together this morning while the others slept. It was really nice to giggle with her without a well meaning but jealous two year old crawling between us. After about a hour and a half of playing, she fell back asleep. I had exactly 5-10 minutes by myself. Like any Mom who is allowed some private time, I chose to spend it in the bathroom (by myself I will add a second time!). Five minutes into my quality time with myself, my toddler tip-toed into the bathroom and climbed onto my lap while I was on the commode. She whispered, “I didn’t wake Daddy.” For the billionth time I thought “lucky dog!” Instead of my long, hot, relaxing soak, I drew us a luke warm bath to share. Any melancholy I felt over my dashed dream of alone time was forgotten and replaced with pride when I took off Chloe’s pajamas and saw she had slept all night in panties and they were dry. It’s the small things in life.
3. Today we had a joint Birthday party for my sexy man and my Aunt Paula. Paula’s Birthday was last week and Ben’s is next week. Since Ben and I get only one day off together each week, we have to cram everything into our sacred Mondays. This is one reason that I still had containers of Christmas stuff sitting in my dining room. It’s been needing to go to the shed, but is much too heavy for me to haul. That leaves it to Ben to do on a Monday, but I usually have so much already planned for us to do, that moving boxes has taken the back burner. But I am proud to say that today, in March, I finally got my Christmas stuff put away! It’s funny what having company come to your house can force you to do. My man grilled bratwurst and I sautéed onions and peppers to go with them. We had cake and ice cream. Chloe helped Ben open his presents of course. My Sisters were there. The older one I haven’t seen in a while, so that was nice. The younger brought her newborn, and I truly enjoyed watching the ease with which she held her son. My older sister was right when she commented that all of our babies looked like Mom when they slept. So in a way, I suppose Mom was with us today as well. Yes, it was a nice Monday as always. And now I will bid you all farewell as I go to put the kiddos to sleep so I can more closely enjoy the new cologne I got the hubby for his Birthday.
That is all 🙂





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