3 Facts for the Day

5 03 2013

1. I enjoy how a child can put a simple spin on something. Sometimes we tend to forget how young Chloe really is because she acts so much older. I have to remind myself she’s two and try to speak on her level. When we don’t, she usually adjusts accordingly. Yesterday we took Chloe down the Easter aisle at Walmart and Ben proceeded to tell her about Easter and why we celebrated it. He told her Jesus was crucified, that he died on the cross for our sins, but then rose from the dead. He told her we celebrate Easter because “Jesus is risen.” I asked her today why we celebrate Easter and she replied “Cause Jesus fell down, but then he rised up again.” I’m assuming she didn’t understand the word crucifixion, but knew Jesus got hurt somehow, and falling down is how she usually gets hurt. I couldn’t help but smile.
2. When my husband was home for a lunch break we watched a funny TV show together. It’s more of a man show, with clips of people doing silly stunts and inevitably bashing their faces or crouch region in the process. I had control of the remote, but purposely put the show on because I knew he found it highly amusing. As I said before, true love is relinquishing control of the remote. Anyway, as the show got going he just laughed and laughed. It was a hearty, out loud cackle that I just love to hear. I can’t help but smile when he laughs. It just makes me feel content, full. While you should never let your own happiness rely on the mood of others, something about being completely and totally in love with another human being makes their joy somehow become a part of you. It’s like it can’t help but bubble over out of them and seep into you. Love somehow makes you a partner of each others’ emotions.
3. I recently commented on my toddler not wanting to hug me. Well, today she showed me plenty of times when she needs my loving. Of course, when she first wakes up she calls out, “hold me!” When it was time for me to walk out the door and go to a class at work, leaving her with a sitter, she cried out “hold me!” When she gets in trouble she wants me to hold her. After having rocked the baby to sleep, I found her in the living room chair with an open bottle of nail polish. She had painted her hands, legs, and face. She started bawling when she knew she had been caught. She had built it up in her mind how much trouble she was gonna be in. I didn’t have to punish her at all. She did it to herself. And of course, she cried “hold me!” When I was in the middle of dinner, preparing 4 things simultaneously, she tugged on my shirt, stating “hold me!” It’s a given that whenever the baby cried, she begged “hold me!” And the thing is, 9 out of 10 times, I did, almost right away. Yeah, I made her wait a bit after the nail polish fiasco.
That is all šŸ™‚





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