3 Facts for the Day

9 03 2013

1. As I walked into one of my patient’s rooms this morning, my first order of business was introducing myself and writing my name on the dry erase board in his room. They call them communication boards, as their intended purpose is to communicate the patient’s needs, questions, concerns, etc. It was at that time the patient asked if I could write something on the board for him. He said can you write up there “it sure is a beautiful day?” Kinda odd, I thought, as his blinds weren’t even open yet. How could he know if it was a beautiful day or not? As he explained it to me, I began to understand that this was his mantra. It was his personal, power phrase if you like, to help spur on his optimistic outlook on his own health. At one point, he asked me how my other patient was doing. (This patient was very sick) I couldn’t answer him for privacy reasons, but he must have read my face. He simply said, “No need to answer. Just tell me it sure is a beautiful day, and that will do.”
2. Critical Care Nursing can get your heart pumping. To be honest, it can be downright scary at times. I’ve taken an approach that helps alleviate any fear I may have over impending disaster. Every morning before work, I will pray. I always pray that I will hear God’s voice and do no harm. I’ve noticed a calmness over me that is very beneficial to the job. I’ve noticed a change in the outcomes of my day, and I truly feel God answers my prayer. When rushed, you can sometimes be kind of flighty and it could be easy to make a mistake or miss something when rushed in a high stress environment. Before giving a medicine today, I suddenly felt an urging not to give it. I then realized that some of the patient’s lab results contraindicated this medication. I truly believe that God intervened as I asked Him to. I believe He guides me each time I put on my Nurse’s hat, so to speak. And that to me, sure makes it a beautiful day.
3. When you work a 12 hr shift, by the time you get home there’s not much time left in the day. When I get home everyone is usually hungry. They will have been fed, but something about the way Momma makes food (or supplies milk for that matter) makes them hungry like they haven’t eaten all day. No baths had been taken before my arrival. MeeMo had suggested it, but she’s a pushover when it comes to her little buddy Chloe. Makes me smile really, while shaking my head. Then it’s pajamas and setting out clothes for church. Ben is capable of that, I’m sure, but I prefer to do it (and I think secretly, so does he). By the time that’s all done, kids are fussy and ready to be put to sleep. All the above could easily put one in a foul mood and be a bummer end to the day. I’m pleased to say it’s not though. Thank you dear patient. Thank you for reminding me to always be joyful and optimistic. After all, it sure is a beautiful day!
That is all 🙂





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