3 Facts for the Day

10 03 2013

1. As I tip-toed through the house this morning, I thought “if only my family knew how much I intercede on their behalf.” As I look at my children, I pray for their safety and health, while praising God for the gift of their life. I pray for anyone who cares for them, that they will hear God’s voice for their safety and well-being. I pray for my husband, for God to lift him up and pour out His spirit upon him. I do this daily, but it somehow feels special to walk through the house, touching their foreheads as I pray. When I leave for work, I hand my family over to The Lord. It’s not only committing them to him, but also surrendering control to Him. I’m not sure how I could leave for work at all if I didn’t put them in such capable hands.
2. Even though my smart phone picked it up right away, my body seems to have missed the boat on springing forward. I feel like my energy and motivation has still been one hour behind the rest of the day’s momentum. Even when you only work two days a week, the same evil gnome exists. I’m speaking of the little guy who controls time. He still puts the clocks on fast forward when I’m off work, but puts them in slow motion when I’m at work. Combine that cruel creeping of a day with my dragging body and it’s worse than watching turtles race. The strange thing is that it was really busy at work with short staffing, but a unit full of patients. That should have made the day speed by, but every time I glanced at the clock, it was hours behind what I thought it would say. So be it the evil gnome or spring forward fighting back; I may never know. I was ever so grateful, though, to pass the reigns and resume Mommy duty at 7 pm.
3. Good to be home. I’ll share some immediate observations: Chloe is like a tiny mentally ill patient escaped from the asylum when she is sans nap. I believe she set a new record tonight for saying “hold me”. Bailey has got to be the best baby ever. She is always laughing, smiling, and making Mommy proud. My husband is absolutely adorable when he falls asleep sitting up. Who am I kidding. He’s adorable to me no matter what he’s doing. Remember the movie Goonies? Remember when Chunk is being interrogated by the bad guys and “tells them everything” when asked? That is my stepdaughter Marlie. I asked “what did you do today?” A series of run-on sentences describing every aspect of her day followed, from where Ben was sitting when she woke up, to what she ate for lunch, all the way to what she was playing before I walked in the door. The micro-machine man couldn’t have told it better. Cracked me up. For such a fighter of sleep, Chloe can pass out in record time. Nothing warms you up after getting wet in a cold rain than cuddling with a warm baby. Nothing will feel better after today than the pillow top mattress on my bed.
That is all 🙂




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