3 Facts for the Day

12 03 2013

1. In the Summer of 1997, my husband Ben and I went out on our first date. We went to Tupelo for dinner and a movie. I remember we went for a walk in the park after our movie, not wanting the night to end just yet. We shared our first kiss on a deserted park bench under the moonlight. I still shake my head at one memory from that first date. We were waiting for our movie to start and he said something to tease me. I can’t even recall what if was. What I do remember is that I went to playfully bite his shoulder (don’t ask me why I did that on a first date!) and managed to get my braces caught in the weaving fabric of his shirt. It actually pulled thread loose. Talk about embarrassing! But somehow he managed to make me feel secure and easily brushed the incident aside. I knew then that he was something special. And he wasn’t a bad kisser either.
2. Today my husband and I went out on a date for his Birthday. I was so very excited. We did not go to Tupelo because we didn’t want to waste 2 hours of our sacred time together driving. I realized that we only do this about twice a year, usually for a birthday or anniversary. I mentioned this to Ben and asked him “Do you think other people with kids go out alone so little?” He replied, “Probably not, but a lot of married people with kids don’t have a relationship like we do.” I do think we should probably spend more time alone than we do, but I’m so very grateful that we are able to work together to keep our bond so strong. We don’t allow the busyness and interruptions of life to take away from our relationship together, and that makes me grateful for us.
3. I am blessed to be married to my best friend. I spend most of my time with this BFF. He tells me if my outfit makes my butt look big or if I need to get my hair done. He listens to me rant about the kids or just in general to my outbursts. He knows when to comment and when to just listen. He is my biggest fan and greatest supporter. When I complain about my figure, he’s quick to tell me to quit cutting myself down because I’m beautiful. He’s always quick to compliment me. He notices the small changes I make with my appearance. He also notices when I clean extra or add something new to dinner, and always mentions that he does. This makes me feel appreciated. He always makes me laugh, the belly busting kind of laugh that makes me feel young. When I watch him with the girls, I fall in love with him all over again. Nothing is so handsome to me as when I see the genuine smile on his face when he looks at our daughters. Nothing makes me admire him more than when I see him rocking our daughter to sleep, or playing ball with her, or fixing her hair. I am so in love. He loves me for me. He makes me feel special and I couldn’t imagine my life without him. Happy Birthday to you Ben. I am so grateful that God gave me you!
That is all 🙂





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