3 Facts for the Day

12 03 2013

1. A random thought for the day. I think it’s cruelly ironic that sending children outside to play to get them out of your hair, ends up causing more hassle than it’s worth. Any Mom looks forward to warmer weather so she can send the kiddos out to play. It takes a lot of patience and imagination to deal with young children suffering from winter’s cabin fever. So it’s naturally a joy to send them out when spring comes. This also allows a chance for Mom to get some spring cleaning underway. So you go to cleaning those floors that are finally free of toys and running children, or even small ones underfoot trying to “help”. Ohh, you’re so pleased with yourself. But, no! They come back in! And when they do, they are covered in mud and dirt. And guess what? They track that mud and dirt all over your clean floor. Now you’re cleaning floors and children. Any ground you gained is quickly lost. Sorry dear Mommy, you were tricked. But you’ll do it again and again because by golly, those 30 minutes of quiet in the house and that 15 minutes of shiny floor was pure bliss.
2. You’re probably gonna laugh, but you’ll never guess where Ben and I went while on our date. Well, probably you could. We went to Walmart. Now we did go to dinner first and we rented a movie and watched it at home at the end of our date. The important part was that it was just the two of us. When you don’t have children always at home, you can take for granted how special it is to watch a movie uninterrupted and be able to hear it. Or you forget what it’s like to eat a full meal in one sitting while it’s hot. That’s how it was with the Walmart thing. We always have kids when we go. So you’re yelling “stay with me” or “don’t touch that”. I’m breastfeeding or taking Chloe to pee and holding her when the scary toilet flushes. Last night Ben and I walked leisurely through the aisles spending as much time as we wanted looking at this or that. Our only responsibility was ourselves. Even though it was Ben’s Birthday, he bought me new pots and pans. I guess he saw it as a gift for him too.
3. I’m really enjoying this baby. Everyone knows I enjoyed Chloe. I still do! When she was a baby though, I was a new Mommy. I found myself anticipating her next milestone. I wanted her to hurry up and sit up. Then I couldn’t wait for her to crawl. Then I wanted her to hurry up and walk. This time around, I’m more aware of how mean time can be. I know how fast it will slip by. I’m really enjoying and savoring Bailey’s every smile and every coo. She is such a happy baby and her mood is contagious. I am madly in love with her laugh and her chubby cheeks and fat legs. I’m so glad that this time around I’m only working part-time. The decision to downsize our home so we could up-size our home life was brilliant, and I would suggest it to anyone who asks. There will be time later for a bigger home if that’s what we need. Right now all my children ask of me is my love, and I’m happy to oblige. Up above when I spoke of cleaning the floor, I did, but I also went out there and played with them too!
That is all 🙂





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