3 Facts for the Day

13 03 2013

1. I saw a commercial today that featured a carpet shampooer. I could care less about the product. What drew my attention was that the woman had white carpet. Not off-white; it was white. She had a white sofa too. Then I noticed kids toys on the floor, and that’s when I realized this commercial was based in an imaginary world. There’s no way a Mom who has young children could have white carpet and furniture. I really think that commercials, TV shows, magazines, and some crafty websites, I won’t mention by name, can make a Mom feel inadequate or sub-par. I’m not really sure when I would find time to shampoo my carpet or make avocado dip with different vegetables cut into shapes to resemble a rainbow and clouds for dipping when I can barely keep dishes washed and laundry done. I’ll admit I try it. I made eggs inside toast with star-shaped cutouts the other day for breakfast, but that’s a rarity. I’m usually happy if I can get breakfast made for Chloe before its lunch time. Maybe one day I’ll try buying lingerie bags for every family member’s socks (“to make laundry a cinch!”). For now I’m just happy to find Chloe’s socks throughout the house before the current load going in the washer hits the rinse cycle.
2. I would love to have one of those picturesque comforter sets I see in the beach house scenes in home & garden magazines, but let me tell you how that would go for me. This morning I went to change the fitted sheet on the bed. You see, my sheets get stained with kid pee and vomitus, etc., so frequently and therefore get washed so frequently, that when Ben went to pull the sheet taunt, it ripped. So this morning I changed it out and made the bed. Then I folded some blankets and placed them neatly at the bottom of the bed. I felt quite accomplished and went to get dressed. I turned around and found a two year old jumping on my bed with both blankets thrown around her. A pretty little comforter set with perfectly placed pillows just would not do right now. I probably should find the time to shampoo the carpets though. Earlier I spotted a bare butt toddler running around. Upon questioning, she took me to the scene of the crime. There in my bedroom, carpeted floor was a pile of urine soaked Dora panties, purple pants, and socks sitting in a wet spot next to my secret stash candy jar of peanut M&Ms. It’s hard to take a pee break when you’re sneaking delicious chocolate treats.
3. I remember my Mom worked full time as a RN when I was little. Yet, she managed to be so involved with everything I did. She spent a lengthy amount of time coloring on my paper sack book covers for school, drawing in great detail my favorite cartoon characters. She was quite the artist. I tried to tell my classmates I did it! She cooked food for class functions. She even dressed as a peanut for my Field’s Day and cheered my class on to victory. We were Price’s Peanuts. I’ve blogged before how her house was not spotless. It was never like a Hoarder’s episode or filthy, it was just what you would call “picked up.” She had a lot of glass trinkets picked up over the years, but they got dusted infrequently. I recall all the time and effort for me when she wasn’t working, and I’m certain now that she had her priorities really straight. She is gone now, but I never wonder if she loved me. I know I was the most important thing, and she didn’t have to enlist crafty meals or time saving tips for me to see that.
That is all 🙂





2 responses

14 03 2013
Karen Beth Martin

Adorable! Look at little Brie!

14 03 2013

Thanks Karen!

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