3 Facts for the Day

15 03 2013

1. Tomorrow I go to work as a Registered Nurse. That’s my part-time job. My full-time gig is Mothering. Today I took more notice of the different parts that contribute to the whole of my job description. Whenever I cook breakfast, Chloe always wants to help. We enjoy scrambled eggs around this house. A toddler’s idea of helping includes a lot of standing right at your feet and positioning themselves to cause you to trip over them as you move about. They also want to do the stuff you would rather them not. Well, that’s a given in all things. When speaking on helping out, they want to do the tasks that will make the most mess. Chloe likes to crack the eggs into the bowl, but immediately cries out “oooh” and wants her hands washed. She also likes to do anything that involves the butter, since she is addicted to eating it straight from the tub. It would be much easier to do it myself without her well-intentioned help, but I know it’s good for her to help. This is the part of my Mommy resume where I can jot down patience, communication, and interpersonal skills.
2. My child is constantly learning and is always listening. I speak on her level, but I don’t baby talk or try to dumb things down. I use big words and a multitude of them. Today I was asking her a question and said “that requires an answer”. She was unfamiliar with the word “require” apparently, so she asked “what is that Mommy? Why do you say requires an answer?” So I explained it to her. There are so many things that are foreign to a child so young and they are like little sponges. When you look at it that way, you realize that there’s a lesson in everything you do, and an opportunity to mold a young mind. As we were walking today, Chloe finished a packet of fruit snacks and threw it down. This was a perfect opportunity to teach her not to litter. I had her take it to the nearest trash can. This portion of the Mommy resume would say Interpreter, Teacher, and Environmentalist.
3. We went to the park today. I’m of two different minds about my public park. On one hand I think it’s very nice with a walking trail and nice playground. On the other hand, I don’t like to go when I see all the cigarette smoking, unsupervised bigger children, profanity, and R rated graffiti. I know I may sound silly or overprotective, but I don’t care. I use to smoke. I was a Sailor, so the profanity is a given. I use to be one of those unsupervised kids. So I’m not looking down my nose at that stuff; it’s just not what I want my kid around at this point and time. Somehow I end up going back thinking I will see the park differently. I took a picture of Chloe that I thought was rather cute. When I looked at it later, I noticed the word shit spray painted above her head. Nice. That’s one for the photo album. But she does have such a good time there! This part of the Mommy resume would say Bodyguard, Watchman, Defender, and Tour Guide. I would likely need to attach a second sheet to include on my Mommy resume all my secondary duties. Thankfully I won’t need the resume. God already gave me the job. I’m always on duty, get paid in hugs, and have no retirement plan in sight. I always knew I’d find a job I loved!
That is all 🙂









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