3 Facts for the Day

17 03 2013

1. I’m dragging today. While I got to bed at a decent hour, I suffered severely fragmented sleep. An hour after dozing off, my husband brought me a ravenous little 3 month old. I had filled that kid’s tummy before bed too! This continued for the rest of the night. I somewhat recall, through a sleepy haze, waking up hourly to conquer the dragon that was Bailey’s appetite for milk. When my alarm went off, she seemed quite content as she pooted a sonnet of satisfaction. I, on the other hand, literally drug myself to the shower.
2. Hard to take care of patients when you’re tired. I guess it’s hard to do anything on poor sleep. I had a real sick patient today. The family was very emotional and requiring much support in that arena. Sometimes the stresses involved in Nursing can take an emotionally exhaustive toll on the Nurse that is profoundly draining as well. I read a devotional on my break today that really seemed to ring true, especially for my day. It said, “When you leave, people should be better off than they were before. Don’t get too busy, too stressed out, or too discouraged to lift someone’s spirit.” How very true. It’s so nice to get the word you need, precisely when you need it.
3. Nothing wakes you like doing something you enjoy. No pot of Maxwell House’s strongest brew can compete with the adrenaline rush I get when it’s time to go home. I was welcomed by a joyful 2 year old smiling with her gapped teeth while saying “I wanna play with you!” How could I resist that invitation. We also have a movie recorded in the bedroom to watch in bed. That sounds right up my alley. I just hope this tiny surge of energy can last till the ending credits.
That is all 🙂





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