3 Facts for the Day

19 03 2013

1. A day has 24 hours. 24 hours is really a relatively short amount of time in the grand scheme of things. I can never seem to get my laundry list of tasks completed in that tiny timeframe. What does amaze me though, is that vast array of emotions that can be experienced in any given day. For me, a day can seem like a piñata at a kid’s Birthday party. I live each day to the fullest, beating it with a stick, sometimes stumbling through a couple of turns until finally, victory, the candy comes out.
2. I slept in this morning, and I mean I slept in! It was exhilarating (first emotion). Ben was off today and I made eggs for brunch. Little Chloe helped as usual which produced happiness, pride, and a bit of frustration, but mostly love. (#2,3,4, & 5). We did some shopping after lunch. We had to pull aside on the highway at one point for a funeral procession. Every time I see one, I flash back to riding in my Mom’s procession. At the time, we were taking the exact same route we had taken a week before when my Uncle died. It was surreal. Today, as I recalled those emotions, tears came to my eyes. (Grief #6). We went to Lowe’s to buy a new faucet that would work with our water purifier. Upon seeing the price of faucets, I suggested to Ben trying to just find some sort of attachment to extend from our existing faucet to make it work. We found one for $2.99. (Satisfaction #7). We scurried along to KMart and very unexpectantly, I came upon a double stroller for a very decent price. (Surprise #8). I’ve been putting off such a purchase. We got it and I was so very excited (#9). It was like Christmas. I can’t wait to use it (Anticipation #10).
3. We hurried home, as I had a Baby Shower to go to for my little sister. When ever I have to go somewhere, time speeds up and my children slow down. Chloe chose to crash into a nap right before it was time to go. Bailey decided to blow out her diaper with liquid poop all over me and her. (Hectic #11 & Annoyed #12). We miraculously made it pretty much on time. I had a wonderful time (Happiness #13). I enjoyed stories from women with sons, concerning their toileting habits. I learned the best way to eat a cupcake and always get a taste of icing with each bite. (Good humored amusement #14). But alas, the hour grew late, and children grew tired and fussy. (Frazzled #15, Exhaustion #16). Once I got them home, though, they were easy enough to get to sleep. (Accomplishment #17). As I wind down and think about my day, I smile at my life (Peace #18, Contentment #19). I know I barely scraped the iceberg listing my emotions for the day, but Mommy is tired too. (See #16).
That is all 🙂





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