3 Facts for the Day

20 03 2013

1. I’ve come to discover that my toddler cries more than my infant daughter. I’ve been thinking for some time that the two year old seems to be causing me more strife than the baby. I really don’t think I’d be able to function if the baby wasn’t so mild-tempered. Don’t get me wrong. She can shatter glass when she gets going. The point is that she doesn’t get going that much. In fact, she’s so low maintenance, that I’m surprised I have to pick her up to feed her. I almost expect her to just float on over and start nursing herself. I’m half way joking. The baby is work. I suppose I just feel like I have to put forth more of an effort with Chloe.
2. With Bailey, she’s gonna cry because she’s hungry, got a dirty diaper, or she’s tired. Occasionally she cries because she wants to be held or she’s bored, but 9 times out of 10, she can entertain herself. I often feel bad for the kid cause I’ve put her down in front of the TV or something while I’m trying to take care of Chloe. I used to think deciphering baby crying was hard, but it’s nothing compared to toddler crying. I wish I had a dollar for every time this week I’ve asked Chloe “why are you crying?” It’s not because she’s tired. She cries before and after naps equally. Earlier I asked her why she was crying and she replied, “I just want you to be my friend.” If she was manipulating me, it worked. I also feel bad, like we get in this terrible cycle of it. She cries for a silly reason and that makes me wanna yell at her. Me yelling at her does about as much good as her crying because she doesn’t want to pee before we leave the house. I fear that I fall short and yell way too much!
3. As we left the house earlier, following a silly crying spell to usher us out the door, I saw something really neat. As I was driving, I saw a beam of sunshine illuminating the pavement in front of the vehicle. It was overcast everywhere else, but right in front of my Jeep, it was a beacon of light. As I continued to drive, the beam of light stayed one car length ahead of me. It reminded me of a giant flashlight from above, illuminating my path. I was reminded how I start every day with a simple prayer. I ask God to guide me, lead me, and protect me and my family. The beam of sunshine leading the path ahead of me was a gentle reminder that God does just that. He guides, leads, and protects me and mine. I also pray often that He help me to be a better Mother and Wife, and that my actions would please Him. I think His Heavenly light also helps daily to illuminate my actions so I might always strive to do His will and please Him with my life. I take comfort in knowing that I don’t have to parent in the dark, but rather I always have a light to make my paths straight. I still wander off course, I know, but like a Lighthouse beacon, He draws me back in the right direction.
That is all 🙂





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