3 Facts for the Day

23 03 2013

1. On Friday nights I try to go to bed early in the hopes of receiving what might be resembled as a good nights sleep. I know I’ll be awakened in the night and have accepted such, so tucking in early is my only chance. I threw caution to the wind, though, and stayed up late playing with Chloe after the baby fell asleep. It was great. I can’t explain the joy you can experience when you throw off your adult harness and just play like you’re 5 years old again. We had to shut the door so Daddy wouldn’t get on to us for being too loud. We gave zerberts, whispered secrets, told stories, and had a tickle fest. I can think of no better reason to miss out on sleep.
2. The baby has been doing pretty good with sleeping at night. She’s usually asleep for the night by 9:30. She’ll stay asleep till about 2 am. She doesn’t so much wake up crying at this time, as she comes out of her sleep state briefly to eat. After eating, she’s back to sleep until 4 or 5 am. Without fail, if I’m working, she seems to wake up to eat within 30 minutes of my alarm going off. It almost physically hurts to look at the time and realize you’ve been woke up and only have 20 minutes or so before you have to get up for good. Thankfully that only happens two days a week. I was exhausted this morning though, and that will mess with your brain function. I pulled a tub of conditioner out of the cabinet, but when I was in the shower and went to open it, I realized it was Tuck’s pads! Don’t worry guys. My coffee kicked in before I assumed patient care.
3. Sometimes 12 hours go by quickly, and that was the case today. I was grateful to just be able to go straight home without switching vehicles or picking up kids. My sitter came to my house. While it may be inconvenient for the sitter, it’s extremely convenient for me. As I looked at all the dirty dishes in my kitchen this morning, I was glad she’s family and I need not worry about a dirty house. I did put the meatloaf pan to soak, knowing that she’d go to cleaning my kitchen. She ordered Chloe a toy today that was featured on Nickjr. I had to laugh. She used to spoil me like that too. Looking at my clean kitchen, she still does. It was great to have both girls vying for my attention, even if I was tired. Hugging the baby cures all ills. It’s like holding a ball of goodness, so sweet and lovable. Chloe entertained as always. Ben came in the door within the hour, and now all is well. All my chicks in the nest, and Daddy rooster here too. Life is good.
That is all 🙂





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