3 Facts for the Day

24 03 2013

1. Before bed last night, Miss Chloe needed to potty. It was a # 2. She normally sits on the big potty, but has taken to sitting on her little one to poop. And boy did she ever. Then she wanted to dump it into the big toilet. I objected, stating I’d do it, but she insisted. She said, “Don’t worry about me Momma. I can do it myself!” I supervised and then she sat back down to finish her doodie. I found it all so adorable, as only a Mother can, and went to tell Ben what she’d said. That wasn’t smart. I must have really been tired. I returned to the bathroom to find Chloe with poop smeared on both toilets, her hands, hanging off her butt, and used toilet paper scattered about. I gotta give her an A for effort, but supervision is definitely still required.
2. I was super relieved to get home. I know I always say that, but it was especially true today. It was a terribly exhausting day. I think roller skates and a personal assistant would have been useful. As it was, I was left feeling like I had donated blood, twice.
3. I was greeted, as always, by my own personal fan club (always boosts the Mommy self-esteem). Chloe had found her Easter basket and had it filled with a plethora of small toys. She was very proud to show me her collection. There were actually a bunch of tiny beads in the bottom that looked like they’d been stollen from Bo Dereck. I have no idea where she got them, but I’m sure I’ll find them in the carpet via my bare feet for weeks to come. I was pleasantly surprised to see Bailey happy to see my face. It’s not just my smell now. I know she is recognizing my face. She grins at me with this half-mouth, Elvis like smirk that she inherited from me. The expression says, “Hey you. Where you been?” She didn’t know whether she wanted to talk to me or breastfeed more. So she did both. She would drink for a minute, then stop and coo animatedly like she was truly telling me about her day. It was precious. Despite my tough day, I’ll go to bed with a prayer of thanksgiving on my lips.
That is all 🙂





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