3 Facts for the Day

27 03 2013

1. Chloe has had a runny nose since Saturday. Since she had no other symptoms, and especially since she’s been in such a good mood (not sick acting at all); I have not made a trip to the doctor. I’ve just been watching her, giving her vitamins, drinking lots of water, etc. I’ve also been praying for her, of course. I’m a big fan, so to speak, of Divine healing. Laugh if you will, but I guarantee you that if you find yourself in a situation where modern medicine cannot help, then you will end up crying out to a higher power. It’s like we were programmed that way. My God is quite the Healer in my personal opinion. I speak from experience having been healed from Epilepsy that I suffered from the age of 8 until 20 years old. I still remember the stunned look on my Neurologist’s face when he saw my EEG results and proclaimed, “It’s a miracle. It’s completely normal.” I’m not daft enough to expect my God to heal every sniffle. Some things need to happen for immunity sake and other reasons. This could be a very long discussion, so I’ll say simply that I believe in God’s healing, His will, and the fact that He gave man the brains to develop Medicine and Medical Practice. I am a Nurse after all y’all.
2. While praying for Chloe, I also prayed for sickness to stay away from little Bailey. Late last night, Bailey and Chloe both seemed to not sleep so well. The first time I got up with Bailey, I quickly noticed the difficulty nursing due to a snuffy nose. I suctioned her easily enough, but I could tell she was getting big sister’s cold. At one point as I rocked her to sleep, a blurry eyed Chloe toddled up and climbed into my lap as well. I felt the déjà vu of soothing two sick kiddos. I was hesitant to put Bailey down alone in her room with her breathing being hampered through her nostrils, so she slept in my arms most of the night. This means I slept little and had a baby on my boobs all night. Early this morning, I truly needed at least an hour or two of real sleep. So I reluctantly put the baby in her room to sleep. When I returned to bed, Chloe had her eyes open and was sitting in my spot, eagerly awaiting my return. I laid down and she wrapped her arms around me. She tried to slip her hand down my shirt, but I told her my bobbies needed some time to themselves! I’m still watching my girls closely, giving a little sinus medicine to help ward off an infection, and praying for their healing. Feel free to join me in persistent and faithful prayer.
3. I should probably remember to say a prayer for my safety or ability to pay better attention to what I’m doing. I recall taking my razor down from its high shelf and placing it on the side of the tub. Somewhere between me running the water and getting in, the razor fell into the tub. I found it with my foot, with the full weight of my body upon that foot. It was hanging from the meat of my foot when I lifted it. I sufficiently filleted a large portion of the sole of my foot off. So bloody too. It’s strange how your reaction to things changes when you have kids. The most prevalent thought in my mind after it happened was “Thank God it wasn’t Chloe!” She, on the other hand, was worried about me enough for the both of us. She ran to get her package of My Little Pony band aids. The event did have the advantage of installing more fear in her of my razor than my words alone would have done. So feel free to join me in prayer for my failing thought processes as well.
That is all 🙂





2 responses

27 03 2013

I’m sorry they are sick. I will be praying healing and rest for all of you. I know I’m a nurse but the foot filet kind of made me cringe. 🙂

27 03 2013

Thanks for the prayers. I’m praying its just a simple cold. They are in good spirits, so I think so. The foot made me cringe too. So stupid. Lol.

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