3 Facts for the Day

27 03 2013

1. Some days I want to get down on myself because I can’t seem to get the things accomplished in a day that I want to get done. Other days, like today, I can completely understand why that doesn’t happen. Some days you feel like a broken record, repeating the same things, “Be quiet. Calm down. Don’t spill that. Pick that up. Put that down. Listen to me. I’m gonna spank you. 1-2-3…” Simple tasks, as you used to think of them, now take on a new life and become more complex and time consuming. You go to take your toddler out of the tub to dry her off and discover that despite the system you try to maintain, towels have gotten mixed up. Now your gentile skinned child is covered in man hairs. Bath take #2. It’s at that point you notice the hairs all over the floor and the kid taking a 2nd bath pours a very large cup of water on the bathroom floor. A quick bath has also turned into cleaning the bathroom and towels and a bath mat added to the laundry. Your first impulse is to be mad. Why can’t they adhere to my systems and my rules?! They’re so efficient! Then you realize you’re really trying to unrealistically ask others to be just like you. What kind of world would that be? And how many times do you think they wish you were more relaxed about your systems and rules? I love that I have to remind myself daily to calm down, take a breath, and enjoy the little things. When you can do that, you can have a great big laugh about the spills, body hairs, and sassy come-backs.
2. Chloe was just watching one of her favorite shows. At the end, they always sing the same song. Today, she stated “I don’t want it to end yet.” I’ve seen and heard a lot of comments lately concerning the direction our country is heading and the impending doom of our civilization, to include the coming of our Lord. I decided to take on that subject for my Bible study today. Of the scriptures I read, I most enjoyed the words of Jesus in Matthew 24-26. I would encourage you to read it and allow God to speak to you personally as He did me. I don’t know if the end is near. We don’t have a song that cues us that the show is over. I do know that I will choose to live each day as if it’s my last. I will choose to be ready when my bridegroom comes. I will treat others as He would want me to. I will do well with what I’ve been given. I will not give up on my here and now, though, pining for my eternity. I will not lose hope in our world. God still has us here for a reason and is still preparing us for His Son’s return. I still believe there is good here and good people here. There is violence, yes. There is tragedy, yes. There are so many things I can’t understand. But then there is love too, and God showing it to us everyday in so many ways. So I would encourage you to open your eyes to the beauty and love of God and His people all around us. Take hope from that and enjoy the show until its final season does truly arrive. Be ready for that final song, knowing it will come, but enjoy it while it’s on.
3. Update on the girls: I’m still on sick watch. Chloe woke up crying, which is never a good sign. I do think her throat was sore. I know mine was. I can’t not get what Chloe has. I’ve already told y’all about her sneaking off my plate and from my cup. It’s bound to happen. She remains very snotty but no fever. She hates to blow her nose, so I insisted this morning on using saline drops and a nasal aspirator on her. Wow. You would of thought it was sulfuric acid and an ice pick. It did the job though and will hopefully help prevent a sinus infection. I’ll probably do it again before bed. Heaven help me! Her mood improved after some chocolate milk. She’s been very clingy today, but it’s hard to decipher sick clinginess from her typical jealousy. Earlier as I got Bailey out of the bassinet to play with, Chloe called out, “I’m over here if you want me to come over there and play with y’all.” Bailey on the other hand, woke with smiles and giggles. I heard a little bit of stuffiness, but nothing that really sounded like a sick baby. Praise Jesus! I’ll continue to watch and intercede on that little one’s behalf. Actually, that goes for the both of them. Please continue to pray along with me. I loathe sick babies. It makes me sad. I got them out for some fresh air and sunshine today (God’s best medicine). So we’ll see how it progresses.
That is all 🙂







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