3 Facts for the Day

29 03 2013

1. Today is Good Friday. If you’ve read my blog before, you’ll know that I, unlike most of America, don’t typically categorize Friday as good. Friday is typically a bummer day for me, as it signifies the end of my week at home playing full time Mommy. I try to fight off the blahs every week, but they somehow find me anyway. Today has been different though. Rather than dwelling on my own silly worries and stressors, I started my day off differently. I found myself digging in the scriptures for accounts of today approximately 1,980 years ago. I watched some videos and read different things. I found myself very emotional and crying a lot over the weight of it all. And why wouldn’t I? It’s such a humbling and amazing experience to actually quiet your own mind enough to ponder on the miracle that happened: the terrible death Jesus endured, the fact that He did it for us, the absolute amazement that God gave His only Son for me, and the wondrous resurrection that took place 3 days later; this miraculous action that still impacts us today. When I read back over my words, they don’t even seem worthy to describe what took place.
2. We all have problems, struggles, and things that want to drag us down. I’ve shared before how I have dreams in my heart. I have prayers I consistently pray. Sometimes you have sins that want to return and weigh you down. I personally have been struggling with jealousy and coveting thoughts. Sometimes I see things other people have, and I want that for myself and for my family. I get angry and wonder why I can’t have financial freedom, or a big house, or luxurious family vehicle. It pains me to write this. Confession is difficult and makes you see your own dirty self. My temper is often short, even with those I love the most. I’m always on watch for pride. Sometimes I can be pious. When I look at my toddler, I’m reminded how parenting can parallel a relationship with God. I tell her the same thing over and over. I remind her when she’s doing something she knows she shouldn’t too. I forgive her and love her despite it all. I’m so grateful to be a child of the King. Oh, my dirty soul!
3. But today is different. Wait, on second thought, every day is different. I can be free. I can be free of worries, and free from sin. It’s amazing what your day can be when you take a Resurrection mindset. He was so spotless, but took on my sin. He opened the door of relationship. The veil was torn. I don’t go to the high priest with a blood sacrifice, for Jesus pored out His blood as a sacrifice for me. Simply amazing. If you haven’t taken the time to let the weight of His actions fall on you, please do. It’s amazing that the weight of His sacrifice can somehow lift all the other sludge you have weighing you down and take it away. It is gone, and in its place is peace. “Peace be with you” He said. I took hold of it today. Have you?
That is all 🙂





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