3 Facts for the Day

30 03 2013

1. Some good things about working outside of the home are being able to access the deep recesses of my brain for cognitive reasoning via patient care, and also exercising the above with other adult, professional conversations. The funny thing is when we’re not “talking shop” my conversations center around my children. I’m quick to tell my co-workers the latest cutesy stories and laughable moments. I show anyone who will stand still long enough, co-workers, patients, and doctors included, the latest pictures I snapped that week of my girls. I can tell by the expression on some faces that my show and tell gets a little old, but I never let that slow me down. I just show them more pictures wanting them to see the beauty that only I can truly behold. If a patient is confused and bordering on agitation, I will begin to tell stories of my children and show them pictures of tiny, smiling faces. Even the most disoriented older woman will quickly calm down and begin to smile when encountering a picture of a baby. If only all confrontations in life could be solved by gazing at the image of a happy baby, what a more serene world this would be.
2. Some days having a toddler and infant can really get to you. Things can seem so overwhelming. I can’t imagine how it will be when/if we add to our brood. Who am I kidding? I want another one! But I’ll wait a little bit. Right now I believe my hands are full enough. Some days it’s hard not to scream out loud. To be honest, some days I have screamed out loud. Chloe didn’t like it a bit, and seeing her frightened tears made me instantly wish I could take it back. The wonderful thing is that the payoff is always worth it. The pros always outweigh the cons. Several tantrums can be cancelled out by a crooked grin laced with the words “I love you Momma.” A day of repetitive picking up and laundry is easily forgotten when you see that cute little figure in footie pajamas toddling across the room. I mean, is there anything cuter than a small child in pj’s? I count myself blessed. I am in a season of my life that is more than I ever could have hoped for. While I may often silently say “Lord help me!”, I think I more often say, “Thank you Lord! Thank you!”
3. I am beyond excited to be off work tomorrow. I haven’t requested a Sunday off since I started working the weekend program over a year ago. I know it will be well worth the income lost. Aside from being Easter Sunday, we are also having baby Bailey dedicated. We’ll dye Easter eggs tonight. This will be a first for Chloe, and I’m looking forward to her reaction at the process. I’m also excited for the girls to see their Easter baskets. I bought more than I should and Ben told me as much (gently and good heartedly). It reminded me that my Mom was the same way, going all out for Holidays for us. I still remember one year I got a life size poster of Kirk Cameron in my Easter basket. I never missed Growing Pains and had a major crush on him. And nothing says Resurrection like Kirk Cameron, right?! I joke a bit. I’m teaching Chloe the importance of our Christian holidays, but I also think it’s good to celebrate our traditions as well. I have a lot to do to get things ready for tomorrow, but I can’t wait. I’m like a kid myself!
That is all 🙂





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