3 Facts for the Day

3 04 2013

1. Today I’ve been like a work horse. There’s a local sale that goes on twice a year. It allows Moms to sell their kids’ clothing and the opportunity to buy another Moms’ kids’ stuff. So basically, my child outgrows a size and I sell it and buy bigger, used items. It’s called kid’s exchange. I think it’s brilliant and I am also addicted to it. Drop off for your items starts this Friday, so I’ve been gathering and preparing my garments all day. I now have three kids to sell and buy for, so it’s a big job. They limit you to consign only 100 items. This is the first year I’ve come even close to that total. It’s exciting to me. I may even make some money this year. In years past, after fees, etc, the most I’ve ever made is $40. Making money isn’t the fun part for me though. The entire reason I do it is to be privy to the consigner pre-sale. When I walk in and see all those aisles of cute, discounted kids clothes, it’s like I’m at Disneyland! I don’t get this excited about shopping for myself. I rarely buy clothes for myself anymore, and if I do, it’s from Walmart or an outlet store. I love dressing up my little girls though! I loved Barbies as a girl, and now as an adult, I’m still loving to dress up my dolls.
2. I had 2 large containers in the shed of summer clothes that Chloe and Marlie had outgrown. I put them in their in the fall, knowing that I would pull them back out in the spring for kids exchange. Basically, I needed to sort through the boxes and decide what to keep for the two youngest to grow into, what might still fit Chloe this summer, and what to sell. I hinted around and finally asked my husband if he could dig them out of the shed for me. After all, since being placed in there, Christmas boxes had pushed them to the back recesses of the shed. He’s been working a lot, so this morning I told him if he didn’t have time that it was ok, I could do it. He said he’d take a look and if it looked like an easy task, then he would leave it for me. He indeed looked and assured me I shouldn’t have a problem. When I went out there later, I found my boxes behind a couple of pieces of furniture and Christmas boxes. I sighed to self. What may seem simple to a man is not as easy for a woman! I found myself a little frustrated at him. After much grumbling, I got my boxes out easy enough. It occurred to me how often there are things around the house that are easy for me as a woman, but complicated for my husband as a man. I could see how easy it would be for me to take for granted how I can do these things so effortlessly, but for him they’re foreign nature. We all have strengths and weaknesses. That’s what makes marriage a team. It can be easy to forget where one’s strengths and weaknesses lie. I ended up not fussing at him about those boxes. Lord knows there’s probably 10 things he wanted to fuss at me about, but thought better of it.
3. As much as I grumble about how difficult it is on a day to day basis with a toddler and infant, I really have nothing to complain about. They’re good kids. The baby has put herself to sleep for all of her naps today. I mean I’ve fed her, changed her, and played with her, but when I put her down, she has entertained herself and fallen asleep when she was tired. Sure Chloe has cried over things like spilling water on her shirt and then being unable to take said shirt off on her own, but overall she’s been an angel today too. At one point when the baby cried for attention, as I walked over to her, Chloe ran up and stated “It’s ok Mom. Let me do it!” Then she began to talk to Bailey in baby talk and make her laugh. It’s been hard today tagging Chloe’s and Bailey’s clothes to sell. With each item I thought “They’ll never wear this again.” The newborn stuff was the hardest. My only solace was knowing I could go buy some new stuff, and the fact that there is likely more babies to come in the future!
That is all 🙂





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