3 Facts for the Day

4 04 2013

1. I’ve really been enjoying my infant daughter Bailey this week. I’ve always enjoyed her, but it’s really starting to get fun. She’s almost 4 months old and is falling into her own character. She is always smiling, always laughing. I can have her in my lap and be talking to Ben, and when I look down, she is staring at me with a furrowed brow and questioning look, no doubt trying to figure out what we’re talking about. Then when I look at her, she does that little half smirk, then breaks into a huge mouthy grin. Last night she really had me laughing. I was breastfeeding her. She would take a few pulls of milk, then turn away and suck her thumb for about 30 seconds. Then she would turn back and nurse. She repeated this cycle over and over, and when I tried to make her stop, she whined. Yesterday she discovered that a coughing sound was very amusing. She fake coughed for about 10 minutes. She would cough, then break into laughter, quite amused with herself. She still screams for my attention instead of crying. I still think it’s adorable. I’m such a pile of putty when it comes to these girls.
2. Chloe still has full control of my heart-strings. She woke this morning with her new mantra “It’s a sunny day!” If you live in Corinth, you know it indeed was not. I love her optimism though and it’s contagious. I asked her to keep it down and not wake the baby. Strange thing happened. She complied. She whispered and even asked my permission if she could lay next to Bailey to watch cartoons. This new “loving her little sister” thing seems to be permanent (for now anyway). Bailey grins at everything Chloe does. She sleeps through Chloe’s loud voice, and if Chloe happens to step or crawl on her, she takes in all in stride, never letting out even a whimper. Chloe has really taken to a show on Disney Jr called Doc Mcstuffins. She loves it and Ben and I think it’s really cute too. I like to watch it, but much prefer watching her watch it. Her face lights up as she follows along with the magical tale. Then suddenly, she will laugh out loud. This morning, after such a laugh, she joyfully proclaimed “This is a good show!” She has voluntarily taken a nap all week which makes me hopeful that the nap strike is over. I also think she is having a growth spurt. Since 18 months of age, her weight hasn’t changed, just her height. This makes all her pants big around the waist, but floating above her ankles. We’ll see what this growth spurt brings. Yesterday she ate 3 hotdogs for lunch (don’t judge)! She was asking for a snack within two hours. Today I have fixed a meal or snack hourly. Right now she is asleep on my lap, with her hand down my shirt. Ben would no doubt chastise us both. She’s still my baby, and I’m a sucker.
3. Earlier Chloe started crying intensely while in the bathroom. I hurried into the bathroom to see what was the matter. She had used the potty. She was bawling because she couldn’t get her pants back on again. Once again, a melodramatic, over reactive moment brought to you by the toddler. I thought, how often do I do that? Y’all know I’m real big on being a child of God. So, how often does He see me as throwing a toddler tantrum? When I say, “According to your will Father,” but then become angered when things don’t work out the way I think they should the absolute minute I think it should occur. Do I seem as silly as my own daughter with her pants around her ankles? After freeing Chloe from her pants prison, I walked back into the living room and peered down upon my other daughter. When she saw my face, she lit up and began to squirm about with excitement over the thought of me picking her up. That’s what I want! That’s what I want to be! I want to give my Father pleasure at seeing my love and excitement over what He has in store for me. I am just a baby in the grand scheme of things. I don’t want to throw a fit over the small stuff. I desire to have that innocent trust of an infant, knowing that He is present and will pick me up and cradle me in His arms.
That is all 🙂






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