3 Facts for the Day

6 04 2013

1. To quote the great Chloe Rayne Gowen, it was indeed a “sunny day!” And we’ve taken great advantage of it. Even now, I’m nursing Bailey on the back deck so Chloe can play outside. When she saw me she said happily surprised “oh, you’re out here!” And I said “yes, I’m watching you.” She said, “oh, well watch this.” She assumed I was outside so I could watch her perform all the exciting things she does, not realizing Mommy is there to guard her safety. I’ve tried letting her play outside by herself and I just can’t do it. One day I tried. I ended up watching the whole time through the kitchen and dining room window. I might as well just go out there too! We went out for snow cones, which was fun. Chloe fell asleep in her carseat eating hers and it spilled red everywhere. At least I know I’ll have a clean up project for next week. We considered going to the park, but in the end we dodged the crowd and just played in our own neighborhood.
2. My little sister joined us on such a beautiful day. She brought along her 2 month old son. The little cousins played, as much as babies can play. I began to sing the Patty Duke song, and the perplexed look on my sister’s face reminded me of just how old I am! I have such pride when I watch her with her son. It makes me feel a Motherly love for her. It’s hard to explain. She’s so much younger than me, and the pride I feel when I see the woman she’s becoming reminds me of the pride I feel when I watch Chloe do something special. I feel extremely blessed to be in the place I am with her. I remember less than a decade ago, asking to talk to her on the phone long distance. She would come on the line and after initial hellos, she would get an awkward silence. She didn’t know me and didn’t know what to say. It made me so sad and regretful for leaving home when they were still young. I’m glad God brought me back home. I feel so close to her now. This was where He needed me to be.
3. When I saw the sun shining this morning, I looked up the weather forecast. When I saw the beautiful days ahead, I’ll be honest, I was kinda perturbed. My first thought was “That’s about right! It’s been overcast, but turns pretty when I have to go to work!” It’s funny how you can view life in different ways. One viewpoint will see only the negative, kinda like the glass half empty thing. This outlook will poison your day. The other view sees the positive side of things or the glass half full. It’s so simple that we often overlook this extremely easy way to experience the joy God wants us to have. I was reminded, “this is the day The Lord had made. Rejoice and be glad in it.” I could instead look at the shining sun and be so very grateful that it chose today to shine so that I could have a wonderful sunny day to play before going to work tomorrow. Thanks for the reminder you brought to my heart dear Lord.
That is all 🙂






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