3 Facts for the Day

7 04 2013

1. I had a difficult time leaving the house this morning. I mean aside from the hurried scurrying I do when it’s time to exit my home (even though I wake up 1 hour and 40 minutes before then). I mean it was hard to leave my babies today. I suppose you could say it’s always hard for a Momma to leave her kids, but today, for some reason, seemed even harder than usual. I kept walking back and gazing at each one sleeping, so sweet, even my adorable hubby with his mouth wide open. I also felt apprehension when I pulled into the parking lot at work, almost a tiny fear at the unknown I might come across when I walked inside. I loathe that feeling. I’m usually able to block it out by repeating to myself that there’s no fear in Christ. I’m not sure, even now, why I had the emotions I did this morning. Either way, I took it as a que that I needed more of The Lord today. So as I walked into work, I told Him so, asking for His spirit to rain down on me. I felt much better after that.
2. Here is a collection of random work thoughts for your entertainment: I love my charge nurse to pieces, but if he continues to bring in donuts, honey buns, and cinnamon rolls every morning, I will be forced to end him! I mean come on man! How can a girl loose baby weight with the lure of sugary glazed goodness?! There is a medical condition that I especially wish did not exist, especially today. ICU Psychosis. And that’s all I’ll say about that. I’ve often wondered if the woman whose desk I pump at had any idea what happens at it on the weekend. When I spilled 4 ounces of breast milk on her day planner, I didn’t wonder anymore. If you ever ask yourself “I wonder where that stairwell goes?”, I would encourage you to insure your security badge will reopen the steel stairwell door before it closes. Claustrophobic? No. Jazzed about being locked in a stairwell? Not really. Do not underestimate little old ladies. Yes, they can swing like Mike Tyson. Remember where security cameras are located before dislodging persistent wedgies. And last but not least, always remember that if it’s liquid and it comes from a body orifice, it will try to land on your person.
3. I arrived home to my girl gang with a bang. Chloe was hyper as usual, and Bailey was screaming in joy. At this rate I’ll have a hearing deficit equal to that of roadies for AC/DC. When it was time for baths, I was surprised that Chloe did not want to take one with her older sister. Instead she wanted “to take one by myself!” I found her in the bathroom already removing her clothes. Once her bath was drawn, she wouldn’t let me wash her hair. She wanted “to do it myself!” And she did, with a little supervision from Mommy. I went into the living to let her play and minutes later she came into the room with her towel wrapped around her. She hadn’t called me to get her out, and she had let out the water. There was no water on the bathroom floor. She did it “all herself” and this Mommy found that very bittersweet. Nothing like bawling after a long day.
That is all 🙂





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