3 Facts for the Day

8 04 2013

1. I’m surprised, pleasantly so, by the things that a person can be amused at rather than annoyed by. For example, at 2:30 this morning my husband brought me the baby. He had changed her diaper and she was wide awake. She was hungry, but instead of crying about it, she was giggling and squiggling with joy over seeing me and the prospect of a meal. You pick any other reason or person to wake me up at 2 am and I’d probably knock your lights out. But with that little fat bundle of sweetness, I smiled. It’s absolutely amazing how they change your life and you’re never the same. (Can’t think why else I’ve been singing Doc Mcstuffins all day). But seriously, I truly think God gave me children so I could learn to love like He loves, learn to sacrifice like He wants me to, and learn to fill my life with things of joy so that I am similar to a cornucopia running over with good fruit.
2. Sunday can be a tough day to work sometimes. Especially as I lay out the girls’ dresses for church before heading out, it can make me homesick for God’s house. Imagine my pleasure when God blessed me through song as I drove along. Listening to the radio, a favorite praise song came on. I felt it in my very soul. I know His spirit rested on me as I sang along, for I could feel it. It made me feel so happy that I actually teared up with joy. So thankful for moments of praise and worship, especially when I’m unable to attend a worship service in person. So glad His dwelling place is within me.
3. As I walk into the door, Chloe runs up to me yelling “I want chicken nuggets!” I’m not sure why, but she always does this. Apparently food tastes best when Mommy cooks it. The next thing on her agenda was “milk bags!” Last night I let her help me transfer the pumped milk I brought home from bottles to bags. It seems she finds this extra cool, and now wants to do it all the time. My angel baby, on the other hand, was beyond excited to see me. Screaming, laughing, practically jumping out of her bassinet. I am obsessed with how her fat cheeks crinkle up when she laughs. After many giggles and kisses, she was ready to sleep. I’m pretty exhausted and luckily for me, so are the girls. So goodnight blogosphere.
That is all 🙂





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