3 Facts for the Day

9 04 2013

1. For those of you new to my blog, you may be unaware that I love Mondays. No insertion of sarcasm. I truly love Mondays. I work a nontraditional schedule, where I just work Saturday and Sunday. This makes my Monday what may be most of society’s Saturday. It’s also my only day off with my hubby. It’s typically a day we spend sleeping in, eating a leisurely brunch, then just playing around the rest of the day. I enjoy having the day with him. We will enjoy the children together, but also enjoy the night together after kiddos are asleep. After the day off we’re not as exhausted as we would be on a work day, so we stay up a little bit later watching a movie together and talking. Quality time with a spouse is difficult to pin down when you have children, but I think it’s super important. Any relationship takes work, but especially a marriage. As time goes by and you see the veil lifted from secrets, the make up comes off, and all the quirky habits come to light, it could be easy to loose the magical romance experienced when you just dated or were newlyweds without the stress of rocking crying babies and halting temper tantrums in their tracks. I think a man is like a garden, if you spend time and calloused hard work cultivating and watering your crop, wonderfully sweet fruit will come. You may even have to weed extra hard. I’ve said it before, but feel it’s worth repeating. I think the harder I work to be a good wife, the better husband my man becomes. It’s a 50/50 relationship that requires two to tango, so to speak, but if I never wanted to dance my husband would stop asking. Read that sentence again if you need to. I just came up with that, and I like it very much.
2. As much as we wanted to just play today, some Mondays end up filled with errands that we must complete together. Today happened to be a day of doctor visits. When you have children, the doctor’s office will be like your best friend’s house was to you as a kid. You’ll spend more time there than your own house, you’ll call them whenever you don’t know what to do about something, and you’ll feel like you owe them your life (or in the instance of co-pays, your entire pay check). Today happened to be a scheduled visit for Bailey, a 4 month well baby visit. The other appt was an unexpected accident that happened to Ben’s daughter. She stepped on a nail. The wound wasn’t deep and looked great but she was having unusual pain that we thought warranted a visit. Of course the only available time for her appt happened to be the same time as the baby’s. This required two vehicles, separate trips, and swapping around of carseats. It also left me on my own for a baby to get shots. This is something I hate. I’ve done the research and decided immunizations were the right thing for our girls, but that doesn’t mean I like seeing a needle inserted in my baby’s fat thigh. It always makes me want to cry. I did cry with Chloe the first time. Afterwards Bailey would settle down for a bit, but then would remember her distress and cry to me in indignation. After a brief nap, she awoke and was all smiles and giggles as usual. Bless her heart, she is such a sweet little baby. Marlie got an X-ray and we’re waiting to see results, but otherwise I think it’s fine.
3. Despite the dr visits, bank runs, and small shopping excursions, we still made it home with enough daylight to enjoy some time outside in the beautiful weather. Us girls walked around the neighborhood, but Ben insisted on mowing the yard. Aside from it being our one day to spend time together and achieve errands together, it is also the only day Ben can do his “man stuff” outside. I know the yard work is a bummer chore for him, but I also think he loves it deep down. It’s an opportunity for him to have quiet time. Sure there’s the roar of the mower, but I think any Dad finds that sound more peaceful than crying or whining. He also got himself a new mower when we got the new house, and I think they’re in love. If I wasn’t so secure with myself, I might be a little jealous of that fast little, orange harlot. He finished his mowing and the girls are exhausted from playing, so we’ll still get some quality time. He’s taking a shower, so who knows, he may just ask me to dance later.
That is all 😉





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