3 Facts for the Day

16 04 2013

1. I started my Monday as I do most. I slept 12 hours last night. Yes it was fractured, but even if it’s broken up, 12 hours sleep is amazing. The rest of the day followed suit as being pretty darn wonderful. I decided to try Bailey on some rice cereal this morning. I remember Chloe wasn’t in any hurry to eat solids, and pushed them out of her mouth until at least 6 months of age. Bailey, living up to being her own little Gowen, ate every bite like she’d been doing this the whole time. I was proud of her, but once again amazed at how quickly she’s growing up. We did some spring cleaning outside, tidying up the back deck and yard. Chloe surprised me saying, “I need me a princess gun so I can shoot me some wasps.” I can only blame her Father. He did buy three water guns, and we all enjoyed a water fight outside. We took a walk around the block a few times, rode bikes, and went for ice cream. The entire day was made more enjoyable by constant commentary by Chloe. She has an explanation for everything, and if you don’t acknowledge her comment, she’ll be glad to repeat it over and over until you do. I know the day was an enjoyable one for her too, as she ended it by falling asleep in her dinner plate.
2. I also got to enjoy a favorite bi-annual past-time of mine. Tonight was the kid’s exchange. As usual, I spent more than I planned on spending. I try to narrow down my selections, but still end up with a laundry basket full. I rather enjoy the rule about not bringing your kids. I see that some people do, but don’t tell my husband that! It’s the only time ever that I get to shop without looking around to make sure Chloe hasn’t broken something or disappeared. That in itself is like a mini vacation. The plan is always to spend what I plan on making off my sales. That’s like planning to just eat half that brownie last night! Good intentions, but not realistic when I see something I want. Chloe was pleased with her clothes, but was especially excited for the Little Mermaid swimsuit and pink poodle dress (as I knew she would be, and the only reason I got either one). Bless Ben. He endured my show and tell of my purchases, and never said a word when I told him the total spent. Good man.
3. As I thought of how wonderful my day was, I couldn’t help but think of the tragedy today in Boston. I’ll be honest. I sometimes want to be like an ostrich and bury my head in the sand when it comes to things like that. I think that if I can forget the ugly world exists, and surround and submerge myself in my beautiful, little world, all the rest will fade away and be unable to touch us. I felt so guilty for that today. I was reminded of a song by Matthew West called My Own Little World. I asked God “to break my heart for what breaks yours”. I thought of how grieved He must be when He sees us harm one another. I prayed for forgiveness for myself and my complacency, but also for humankind and what we do to ourselves every day. I’ve attempted to share a link for that song, so hopefully it works. The lyrics say it all.
That is all 🙂








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