3 Facts for the Day

18 04 2013

1. I know some women with twins, and today I got perhaps a glimpse of the double the trouble, and double the fun that they experience. My Sister found herself really needing a sitter today while she was at work, and I couldn’t say no. I have trained my children to sleep in, and since even Ben works later hours, none of us get up until 9 am. We in turn, hold later hours, such as not having dinner until 8 or 9 pm, when Ben gets home. This is a schedule that works for us as a family. You can imagine my excitement over Sis dropping off her daughter at 6 am. Like I said, though, I couldn’t say no. We have always helped each other in my family. My niece has a tendency to experience separation anxiety, so I prayed it up before she arrived! It really went beautifully. A normally loud child, she was very quiet while the rest of the house slept, and even laid down beside me, and we both drifted off until 9 am, when the baby began to stir. My niece is exactly one day younger than my daughter. No we didn’t plan that, it just happened. They had a grand time playing today, with minimal “No, that’s mine” moments. It was amusing to hear two chattering voices in unison. I don’t know if they were listening to one another or not. I certainly couldn’t understand most of it. I stepped in pee, thankfully in the bathroom floor, not once but twice. I was amazed when they went down for a nap simultaneously. There were double the chicken nuggets, double the juice boxes, double the booboo’s, and in the end, double the comedic relief. I just grinned ear to ear as I watched them jump through the sprinkler in their matching Dora panties.
2. Chloe continued to act like she had a comrade in arms, even after Hannah left. It’s like a bravery was there that normally is not. She felt it was necessary to test my limits as we went to dinner, eating with her hands (something she never does), then switching to just putting her face in her plate after I instructed her to use her spoon. When I questioned if she was testing me, she looked at me very serious like and replied very deadpan “yes”. Which then brings to mind, why do children try to get you in trouble for abuse? Is mine the only one that does this? You physically move them when correcting them, and suddenly they yell out very loudly “Ouch Mommy! You hurt me!” I did no such thing. I may have thought about it in the back recesses of my brain. But I didn’t. She was also amusing. As the waiter at the Mexican restaurant spoke to her, she asked him “Why are you talking like that? That’s Spanish!” I suppose he didn’t look like Diego (Dora the Explorer’s cousin) so she didn’t think his accent was appropriate. She is a challenge, but still my ultimate joy.
3. In continuation of yesterday’s post, Ben and I came to a final ruling on the decision we had under consideration. I found myself praying about it early this morning, wanting to make sure I heard God’s voice correctly when the time came. It was then that I felt like He told me I needed to not stress and worry if I was making the right decision, that in Him there is not fear. I couldn’t fear making the wrong decision, but just needed to relax and trust that we would know what to do when it came down to it. In the end, we made what I truly believe to be the right decision. It was based logically, with our best interests in mind. That’s not always easy. It’s much more fun to go with the choice that is more exciting and enjoyable to our desires and pleasures. It’s nice though, when you can lean on the knowledge and judgement that being in God’s character has taught you. Then it seems to just come naturally to you. I feel a real peace about it, and that is all I need.
That is all 🙂







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