3 Facts for the Day

23 04 2013

1. We spent a large part of our day outside. I don’t know how we couldn’t have. It was beautiful. We enjoyed a walk around the block. Ben was mowing, and naturally Chloe is terrified of the mower. So I took her away from the sound. As I walked, I thought it was definitely a Ferris Bueller kind of day. I got Bailey down for a nap with plans to weed my flower bed. Weed is an understatement. Last spring I was pregnant and didn’t touch it, so it was like a tiny jungle. Bailey usually takes a big nap around lunch, but it was like she sensed we weren’t inside or something. She kept waking up crying. Once I took her outside and put her in her seat in the shade, she was quite content. She just didn’t want to miss what we were doing I guess. Chloe made mud pies and played with worms on the driveway. I hoed, and raked, and pulled. I’m certain I will feel pain tomorrow. I’ve never been a gardner, but I’m proud of what I’ve done so far. I’m gonna get some mulch and flowers to put out later this week.
2. After a full day of yard work, we took it inside around 5:30. Bailey needed a nap since she had not really taken one. I felt like she would be all for it. She had not pooped in over 2 days, which is a long time for a breastfed baby. I knew it was the starting of solids doing it, so this morning I gave her prunes. Be glad you were not here! It was epic. I haven’t seen that much poop since looking down the porta-potty at the fair. After I finished that massive clean up, I found Chloe bawling in her room. It seems her Daddy had her in there. I asked her why she was crying, and she replied “Daddy said a bad word!” Oh my! “What did he say?” I asked her. “He said I have to clean my room!” Being the sucker I am, I helped her clean. She’s two! I did show her how and made her put her toys away. It must have been a tough job. She passed out on the couch right after. It could have been exhaustion from all the mud pies she baked as well. Bailey was quick to follow suit. I know Ben and I will sleep as soundly tonight as those tired babies after our labor out front.
3. This morning I put Bailey on the floor to play with her activity gym. I placed her on her back so she could reach up and play with the dangling toys. She would enjoy them for a while, then she would roll over onto her stomach. Once she got there, she really wasn’t sure what to do next. She couldn’t crawl, and she couldn’t reach her toys anymore. She would begin to cry, so I would put her on her back again. But the cycle would repeat, over and over. Eventually I placed her in her Bumbo seat so she was forced to be still. She contentedly played with her toys for a long time. Once again, I can see myself in my children’s actions. How often does God place me in a situation, and I thrust about and end up in a position that is very uncomfortable? Then I cry out to Him and he saves me. But guess what? I don’t usually learn my lesson right away, and end up right back there. Sometimes He has to close doors to lead me to open ones that will place me in His will for my life, and back in relationship with Him. Once I’m there I find I’m quite content, and wonder why I didn’t just stay in His presence in the first place.
That is all 🙂








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