3 Facts for the Day

24 04 2013

1. This morning I found myself all in arms and frustrated because my ice machine is on the fritz. I love to drink water, and I drink so much that bottled water would be crazy. I drink it in a glass, and love it cold. I was perturbed that I had to settle for cold water from the tap, instead of my usual ice water. I stopped in my vexing, and realized how ridiculous I was being. I thought back to when I lived in South America and we didn’t have ice. It was 110 degrees! I thought back to boot camp and marching all day on black asphalt in the summer. I recalled how good that warm water tasted from my plastic canteen. It’s so easy to get all comfy and take your blessings for granted. Sorry Lord. I thanked God, then, for my cold tap water, and the fact that I could just run to the store for ice cube trays.
2. I went out for ice cube trays, among other things. Y’all know I go to Walmart 3-5 times a week anyhow. I also got some flowers from Lowes. On my way home, the children, in their own subtle way, reminded me naps were past due. Bailey started with jabbering. Then that turned to screeching. It was like she was communicating her angst. Since no one came to rescue her from her car seat prison, it escalated to full out crying. Chloe was whining/crying the same phrase over and over. I dropped my duckie, I dropped my duckie, I dropped my duckie. Like I can just reach back there and get it out of the floor board! Chloe’s repetitive drone mixed well with Bailey’s anguished cries, and their duet resembled a lost tape recording from an insane asylum. I continued to talk to my Aunt, who was riding shotgun, like nothing was amiss. I have indeed become my Mother.
3. Those girls did not fall asleep in the car, nor did they fall asleep when we got home. My children are like robots. They are like sleep fighting ninjas. If North Korea was to us, like sleep is to my kids, there would be no worries. We would evade attack with no problem. Chloe, being older and further skilled, avoided a nap all together. Bailey proved a capable adversary, and only allowed a cat nap to take her. I had to put that baby in her high chair while I cooked dinner, so she could feel like she was a part of the action. She was still sleepy, and therefore grumpy. I had my back to her as I stirred at the stove. She would threaten to fuss, but every time I turned and would look at her, she would start laughing hysterically. So I cooked Alfredo while spinning around and making silly faces. Speaking of insane asylums. Hope nobody saw me through the window. Being a parent is like being a stand-up comic. You’ll do anything for a laugh.
That is all 🙂





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