3 Facts for the Day

24 04 2013

1. I’m not sure what is going on, but for some strange reason, my baby has started waking up early. When I say early, I mean like 7 am!! That’s early for the Gowens. We stay up late and sleep in. I was certain that Bailey understood this schedule. Chloe embraces it, as her parents do. Yet, all week that baby has been waking up at 7. She doesn’t cry. She just laughs and calls out for me in her own way (shrieking loudly). When you go to get her, she just smiles and laughs. That’s no good. I can’t even be mad at that stinking cuteness. Ben and I sat her down this morning, and giving her the benefit of the doubt, we explained again to her how our sleep schedule works. The audacity. She didn’t even apologize. She just sat there grinning around the fist she had planted in her mouth, like drooling is going to help solve this dilemma. I tried talking to her about it again as I rocked her for a nap. Right in the middle of what I was saying, she interrupted and began jabbering to the writing on my concert t-shirt sleeve. Then you know what she did? She filled her pants with fecal matter! If that’s not a snub at my authority, then I don’t know what is. I’ve threatened no more Duck Dynasty until she changes her ways, but I don’t know. She’s hard-headed just like her Daddy. I’ll keep you updated.
2. Chloe seems to be stuck between wanting to be a big sister, and wanting to be an only child. She has gotten to where she wants to help with Bailey all the time. No, help isn’t the right word. She wants to do it all herself. She is certain she can carry the baby. Chloe weighs 28 lbs. Bailey weighs 15 lbs. You can imagine how well that works for her. It means this Momma has to be watching at all times! She cried this morning because I had already changed Bailey’s diaper before she got a chance to help. She pulled Bailey’s bassinet (with Bailey in it) to her room so they could watch TV together. She’ll reach over and hold her hand. It’s really sweet. Then, there’s the other side. She can’t stand it when I’m holding the baby. She’ll ask me to put her down, or like this morning, just crawl right up there with us. I’ll try to tell her there’s not room, but she thinks an inch is a mile. She will try to squeeze her body onto any tiny open space available on my lap or next to me in the chair. When Bailey woke from her long nap this afternoon, Chloe started to whine when I went to retrieve the crying baby. I had literally spent the entire 3 hours playing with Chloe while the baby slept. Of course, whenever I put her down for a nap, Chloe is quick to ask where she’s at and act disappointed that she’s sleeping. It’s not easy being two.
3. In line with the above, Chloe rarely can stay away when I’m rocking the baby to sleep. Today, I read them both a story in the rocker/recliner. Then I fed the baby and rocked her to sleep. Chloe stayed beside me in the chair as I rocked. She snuggled up against my arm and kissed my shoulder. I looked over at her, and she puckered up her lips. I leaned over for a kiss, and she said, “I wub you so much!” It’s so magical when a child says that without urging and spontaneously, rather than in response to you saying it first. It’s not the first time she’s done it, but today, for some reason, I happened to really notice her demeanor as she spoke. I could tell by her countenance that she meant it, and that really touched my heart. I suppose one day she may not say it as much. I hope not, but just in case, I’ll be certain to store these moments up in my heart for safe keeping.
That is all 🙂





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