3 Facts for the Day

26 04 2013

1. Patience is a virtue. Isn’t that what they always say? I do believe it’s a gift once obtained, and can easily be lost if not constantly utilized. Today has been a struggle with patience for me. It started with my darling baby waking at 6 am. I had not gone to bed until 1:30 am, and that’s my fault, not hers, but I was still aggravated. I couldn’t be too aggravated with her because she just wanted to socialize. I attempted to tell her how sleepy I was, but she just sat there talking to her feet. She would occasionally punctuate her monologue with poots and giggles, but otherwise she was very focused on the treasure she found at the end of her legs. I never could really get her back to sleep, so our day has been a snowball affect of exhaustion. Normally a baby who can self entertain, today she has whined to be held constantly.
2. It’s not too difficult to be patient with the baby since she’s so adorable. Once I got my coffee, I was fine. My real struggle lies with not being able to get something to work. I don’t know why, but I go crazy when something doesn’t operate for me like I know it should. I hate that I loose my patience, but I do! This morning Ben left for work and forgot his phone. I went to grab mine and couldn’t find it anywhere! Fine, I’ll call it, I thought. I grabbed my husband’s phone and realized I didn’t know his passcode. I’m sure he told me at some point, I just never had the need to use it. I tried a couple of important dates, but after a 2nd miss, I feared locking up his phone. No problem. I’ll use the house phone, I thought. That’s when I discovered it had not been plugged up since Ben moved the computer. It had been plugged into the modem. No wonder the telemarketers had left us alone. I then realized I didn’t know where the phone jack was. There I am running through the house trying to find a phone jack in every room, and not having any luck with a dial tone when I eventually do. It’s as I hear myself say “I’m glad this isn’t an emergency!!”, and hear Chloe say “What’s wrong Mommy? Don’t cry!”, that I realize I’m responding irrationally to something that is not important. Later in the day, I decided to go somewhere. It was then that I realized I needed to put the cover back on Chloe’s carseat. She had gotten carsick and I had to wash it. On a side note, vomited chocolate milk is not cool. Back to the seat, I had never washed it before. Don’t judge. I was overwhelmed at the thought of it, and no wonder. As I went to put it back on, I felt like I was in another dimension. The back of that seat didn’t look anything like I remembered when I removed the cover. Well, naturally, I couldn’t find the instruction manual. I found the one to my fondue pot, right next to the one for my power drill, but no carseat manual. I called Ben, at work, asking if he knew its whereabouts. He didn’t know its location. I explained to him that I must be an idiot since I couldn’t figure it out! After I hung up, I realized how silly I sounded. I googled the manual and figured it out pretty quickly. I texted Ben to apologize, and he responded “It’s ok. I understand. You needed to vent.” Sorry ladies. He’s mine and you can’t have him. His understanding didn’t help me feel any better about being a lunatic.
3. A friend texted me today and asked how we were doing. I responded, “We’re good. Just playing and growing.” Such true words. The girls are, of course, growing and playing, but so am I. I’m playing, or in other words, I’m loving playing with my kids and enjoying every single moment. I’m growing everyday. Every single day, God is showing me something new through my kids, and teaching me new lessons as I raise them. Having children is a constant lesson in patience. It’s not just patience for your children, but the way being busy parenting can make you feel rushed and overwhelmed with menial, everyday tasks. This is where He teaches you, right in the thick of it. Patience is a virtue, one that I’m striving to attain and maintain.
That is all 🙂





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