3 Facts for the Day

29 04 2013

1. I didn’t want to put the baby down this morning. She was getting up to eat at 2:30 most mornings, but has started sleeping through. That means when I wake up for work, she’s still snoozing. I scooped her up and fed her. She ate for about 30 minutes, but never really opened her eyes. Having felt like I just picked her up, when she was done, I didn’t want to put her back down. She looked so sweet sleeping in my lap, and I longed to just keep rocking and holding her. Chloe too, was out like a light. Something about gazing at sleeping children just makes everything seem right with the world. The peace that emanates from them is almost sedating. I wish I could bottle if up and sell it to a pharmaceutical company as a new anti-anxiety drug. I took a picture of Chloe (knowing the flash wouldn’t wake her), and looked at it during the day whenever I felt stressed.
2. I got a picture from Ben today of Chloe playing a plastic Dora guitar. I wasn’t surprised a bit. When I got home, I saw she also managed to get a tiny, princess flashlight and some purple, sparkly nail polish. I can’t really say much. I got her a princess cup when I stopped on my way home for diapers (even though she has one zillion cups). We don’t try to spoil her. It just happens. She’s so fun to buy for because she is so appreciative. She has the sweetest “please” and an even sweeter “thank you”. I’m not sure how it will work when a dollar toy isn’t cool anymore.
3. I was looking forward to going home all day. It wasn’t that work was bad. It’s just the desire to be home was greater. Ben is off on Sundays, and I want to be with them. Once I got home, I wasn’t disappointed. Ben ordered pizza. That man knows me so well. I worked late, so by the time I got home, Bailey was asleep. Chloe had not napped. I knew she was tired by her reaction after I mildly chastised her for pulling sequins off her curtains by saying “that’s not very nice”. She broke down into heaving sobs. Ben made her lay down, and within minutes, she was out. I left and they were asleep. I get home and they’re asleep. It is peaceful indeed.
That is all 🙂





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