3 Facts for the Day

2 05 2013

1. If I were a secret agent, and I had to torture information out of bad guys; I would have plenty of ideas to illicit information. Plenty. One that especially comes to mind would be loading them up in the car with us. Now that warmer weather is coming along, I’m reminded of the temperament of my air conditioning. I don’t mind it so much in the winter. I’m cold natured after all. There seems to be a problem with the control knob. We have either off and sweat like a pig, or there’s arctic blast, where icicles freeze to your eyebrows. I do tell myself to chill out (literally and figuratively), that at least setting four works, even though 1-3 do not. It could not work at all, I realize, but it can get torturous to me. So that my babies don’t broil in the back, I end up with it set at Mach 4 and consequently feel like I’m climbing Mt. Everest in my underwear.
2. Aside from the temperature, there’s the constant soundtrack coming from the back speakers. No, I’m not talking about a Disney CD or anything. I mean the audio coming from each carseat. Chloe: I dropped my doll! I dropped my doll!
Bailey is cackling like a madwoman.
Chloe: Bailey. Be quiet. Stop laughing at me!
Bailey screaming happily and laughing boisterously.
Chloe: I want my chocolate milk!
Me: It’s sitting on the kitchen table where you left it.
Chloe: (starts crying). I want my chocolate milk!!
Bailey continues to giggle profusely.
Chloe: Be quiet Bailey! Be quiet Bailey! I want candy. Then I want an icee. I want to go to Walmart. Be quiet Bailey! Momma, her won’t be quiet. Where are you going?
Bailey continues to laugh, punctuated with shrill shrieks.
Any ordinary person not related to my kiddos would either drive an ice pick into their own ear drum, or tell me everything I needed to know.
3. In all reality, it wasn’t a torturous ride. It’s always nice to get out. I like to peek in the rear view mirror and smile at Chloe. Today when I did it, she smiled back and said, “I wub you mommy.” Then she looked over at the baby and said, “I wub you Baywee.” I smiled proudly. I’ve had moments like that all day, moments where I couldn’t help but smile. Seeing Chloe dance around outside, with the sun hitting her hair just right. She looked like a wild, unbridled beauty with her bangs flying away from her face. Walking up on Bailey and seeing her so focused on her hand, then saying “hey!”, and watching a grin spread across her face as wide as a river. Even as I swept the floor today, I smiled and told God “I could do this all day.” I love each day, watching my children grow, smile, and learn. I even love all the stuff that comes with it like sweeping up play-doh, making endless snacks, and changing soaked sleepers. I even love carting them into the car, and listening to their endless jabber as I freeze to death. I don’t think it’s torture at all.
That is all šŸ™‚








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