3 Facts for the Day

5 05 2013

1. Usually when I wake up, I will think of something I need to do right away, that I forgot to do the day before. Sometimes I’ll wake up in the wee hours of the morning, stripped from my sleep to go lock a door or start the dryer. I don’t know if it’s just a woman think or not. I can’t imagine the oven still being on, being something strong enough to pull my husband out of sleep. It’s like my mind must be so frazzled at the end of the day that I would forget to take my head to bed with me if it wasn’t attached. Yet after a bit of rest, my brain goes back into over-drive, tasking away. This morning, my first thought was that I didn’t get the baby’s milk out of the freezer to thaw, nor did I put dinner away. I went straight to the kitchen and found the stove clean. The spaghetti was in the fridge, and on the top shelf were four bags of milk thawing. My husband is the ultimate team player, a wonderful partner in life. I made sure I told him later that I noticed what he did, and how much it meant to me. It’s the small things sometimes that show you the most.
2. I really haven’t minded the seasonably cool weather. It’s mostly gotten warm enough in the afternoons to spend time outside, but not so warm that you need to be in the water. Chloe has enjoyed it more than anyone, I think. She could spend hours playing in her sandbox. She even planted some plastic flowers in there on Thursday. I saw something on social networking that suggested putting cinnamon in the sand to prevent bugs. I gave it a shot. It certainly smells better. She loves to play with the dog, blow bubbles, and slide. Over the winter, she had forgotten how much fun being outside can be. She is allowed to get dirty, run, and scream; all things that are curtailed inside usually. Now that she’s been reminded of the awesome insanity of outdoor play, she is resistant to anything but. Upon waking she wants to get her shoes on and go outside. Yesterday’s forecast brought with it, cold rain. This was not good. Her two year old mind couldn’t understand not going out there. She understood me when I said it was raining, but didn’t understand why that should matter. My Aunt recently bought her a Dora umbrella, and she thought that was a simple solution to the weather. I saw cold air, muddy puddles, and so many other obstacles. She just looked at me with a furrowed brow, not understanding my Mommy logic. I can understand. I get that way in life too. You can get used to a comfort zone, and when change comes, you’re resistant. Sometimes you just got to realize there’s someone who knows better than you do what is best. Next time I catch myself with a furrowed brow, questioning God, I’ll keep that in mind.
3. I think I figured out something about the work day that’s worse for me than walking out the door is. After I got home and had cuddled with my girls, I decided to feed Bailey some cereal. As she sat in the high chair, opening her little mouth as wide as possible, and shaking with excitement over an anticipated bite; I realized it would be time for her to go to bed soon. I was so enjoying caring for her and observing her every move, that the thought that time was short for any more of that today, made me a little sad. I’m glad I only come home late from work twice a week. I’d bawl my eyes out if I missed out on too much of such adorable antics. So, I just did the best with what I had. I rocked her to sleep for a very long time. Even after her eyes were closed, and her suckling had ceased, I rocked some more. I rocked until my tank was full enough to get me to sleep and fortified for tomorrow.
That is all 🙂





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