3 Facts for the Day

6 05 2013

1. As I got in the shower this morning, I began to pray as I always do. I started asking God to help me have a good day. I asked Him to help me wake up. As I was going to ask for something else, I stopped myself with a giggle. “Sorry God” I prayed. I realized that so often I go straight to Him with requests. I see my relationship with God a lot like my relationship with my kids, with Him naturally being the parent. I realize there’s more to it than that, but since He’s my Father, I often see it that way. I think that He gave me the gift of being a parent so I could begin to get a glimpse of how much He loves me. Many times I see behavior in my children that I can relate to my own behavior towards my Heavenly Father. Some days I feel like I’m a servant to my child’s every whim. Every time I sit down, she’s asking me for something else. I love to take care of her needs because she’s my child. It just comes natural. Sometimes I wonder if she remembers how to say please or thank you. When she hugs me tight, and tells me she loves me, I know in my heart that she is thankful for the things I do. This morning, when I stopped myself in the middle of my prayer requests, I laughed at myself, and said, “Lord, I’m glad you love me anyway.” Then I began to praise Him and thank Him for my blessings instead of barraging Him with needs.
2. I got a good send off this morning. When I woke up, it seemed to have woken Miss Bailey. She had been sleeping in my warm arms, so it’s quite understandable that she woke once I wasn’t there. Usually I can get her right back to sleep by rocking and feeding her. This morning she showed no interest in a morning meal. She only seemed interested in my face. I am amazed how such a small baby can give such a penetrating glance. Her big eyes focus right into my soul, and can’t help but make me grin stupidly back at her. I had never seen such a joyous smile on my husband’s face until I saw him smile back at our first child. I knew that same silly grin was plastered across my face this morning. She began to talk to me with coos and gurgles, no doubt telling me about a dream, or perhaps commenting on my bed head. She became so loud in her exclamations, that she even roused Ben from his own dreams. He simply smiled. By the time I got her settled back down, I found myself having to rush to get to work on time. I can think of no better reason to run late.
3. I enjoyed a nice day at work. Those can sometimes be far and few in between. I had great patients and was able to build up a rapport. I thoroughly enjoy being able to share my faith and love for Jesus with my patients. Sadly, we live in a society where sharing your personal faith is becoming harder to do because of rules, laws, etc. in the school or workplace. Even while I served in the military I received verbal counseling for using the word Christmas in place of Holiday. It was considered insensitive of me to try and impose my religious choices on others. This was very difficult for me to understand, especially with my background as a missionary. The Bible calls us all to spread the good news. If you ask me, I’m of the personal belief that my God is the true living, one and only God. I will not force this upon you, for my God teaches free will. I will share my faith, and how it changed my life, praying that you will see the fruit I bear and wish to know “what makes her so happy? Where does her joy come from?” Today I was able to share faith with people accepting of my words and prayers for them. I can’t imagine being sick or facing a major surgery without being able to lay that burden down at the feet of my Lord. If you share my joy, please let it flow out to others. If you want to share my joy, ask me how. I’m always eager to share.
That is all 🙂





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