3 Facts for the Day

7 05 2013

1. I don’t know what happened while I was working Sunday, but apparently my husband got mixed up and switched our baby with another one in the nursery at church or something. That’s the only explanation I can think of to justify my sweet baby’s behavior. Normally asleep by 9 pm at least, Bailey instead stayed up till after midnight. I was exhausted after work and feared we both might turn into pumpkins. I patted. I rocked. I nursed. I pleaded. I would have signed a contract with that child in blood if I thought it would have made a difference. As she continued to fight sleep, it just made it worse. I have never been able to let a baby cry it out. I just can’t do it. When I hear them cry, I want to pick them up and make it better. I want them to know if they cry, Mommy will hear them. I want them to know I’m always there. This often leads to marathon rocking sessions like last night. Even after I put her asleep in her room, I had trouble drifting off. After so much crying, I could still hear it ringing in my ears. I would get up because I thought I heard her crying, but she would be asleep. The baby monitor was plugged in a living room outlet, and I was too tired to rearrange things. We both eventually slept, but that little Duracell bunny was up an hour earlier than usual this morning.
2. One thing I like about Mondays is taking a shower with the luxury of another adult on the premises. With my husband here, I can actually take a shower. I usually take a bath when it’s just me and the girls, so I can hear everything. I used to enjoy a hot bath immensely, but it’s kind of different with a toddler. The bath is no longer my own. When you pull back the curtain, there’s always bubble bath residue mixed with little kid dirt. Where did all that dirt fall out of is what I want to know? There’s toys everywhere. I used to be lazy and just run my water with the toys still in there instead of picking them all up. Have you ever sat on a small plastic doll? It’s not comfortable at all. That’s not a place where Dora should explore. So I enjoy a nice hot shower when the hubby is off work. I put the baby to sleep for her nap, and put her in her room with the door closed. Ben had Chloe. No problem. A knock always comes to the door anyway, doesn’t it. Ben asking was the baby asleep when I put her down, and I can hear her cries through the cracked door. Minutes later as I try to get back into my quiet me time, Chloe comes in next (Ben is no doubt distracted with Bailey). She has started to strip. “I wanna shower with you.” Well, it was nice while it lasted.
3. Today was my little brother’s birthday party. He is 11 years younger than me. When I saw the “24” candles on his cake, I felt old. Such a young man, I thought, and I felt proud of my baby brother. I bought him a mushy card. I always buy him funny cards, but this year I went all sentimental. I couldn’t help it. My life is busy. His is busy, and about to be busier. He and his wife are expecting. We live in the same town, but can go weeks and not see each other. That is a lot better than when I was in the military, and saw him once a year, though. I remember him being a little blond-haired toddler just like Chloe. I remember it like it was yesterday. I’m glad I went for the mushy card. I want him to know how much his big sister loves him. I never want him to wonder. So glad I have my family so close. When we get together, I’m always left with a full heart and a smile on my face.
That is all 🙂






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