3 Facts for the Day

15 05 2013

1. I couldn’t imagine spending such a beautiful day merely doing chores. My sensible self tried, but fun Mommy prevailed. When I asked Chloe what she wanted to do, she quickly replied, “Get an icee and go to the park.” That sounded good to me, so that’s exactly what we did. We initially went to the playground. Chloe ran about having a blastie blast, and I carried the baby in the backpack. My worry wart, alter ego consistently checked the baby for excess sun exposure (even though she had a hat and pants on), and paced around below after Chloe, ever diligent for bullies, bees, and loose boards. When Chloe’s cheeks were as beet red as I would allow, we took a water break and I loaded the girls into the stroller for a walk in the shade. We took many breaks along the way. At one point Chloe plopped down on a patch of cool, green grass, and I thought that certainly looked more fun than walking. We played hide and seek. We made silly faces, and took pictures to send to Daddy. Chloe helps me remember to relax and have fun. I imagine everyone’s day would improve if they took a break to lay in the clovers and just laugh and laugh.
2. I’m fully aware that I don’t exercise much. It is more evident when my child proves she doesn’t even recognize the act. On the walking trail, two men jogged past us. Chloe asked loudly, “Why are those boys running so fast?” They certainly got a good chuckle. I’m sure I could exercise more for the health benefits, but I’m not very motivated to run off to the gym if it takes time away from what I enjoy. I applaud those who do, I just don’t enjoy it. I may have days where I don’t like my waistline, but overall I’m pretty content with where I am. I’m certainly not bothered enough by my pants size that I’ve bothered to put in P90X again! As I walked through the shade with my girls, I felt content with where I am in all areas. I felt it today even as I folded laundry and made lunch for everybody. If you can be content serving others, then you are truly happy. I may not be a size 2. I may not have my dream job. I may still want my kitchen sick to be bigger y’all! But that is ok. I am where God wants me now, and I am fine with that.
3. As we went to leave, Chloe whined a bit that she wanted to go back to the playground. We had taken an extremely leisurely stroll, and had spent a considerable amount of time throwing rocks in the water. This meant time had run out, and we needed to go. I assured her that we had the whole summer, and would come back many times. Surprisingly, this seemed to appease her. I could take a cue from her. If even my impatient two year old can understand that there is always time to do it tomorrow, then maybe I can learn that too. While I hate procrastinators, I could use a little of that gene every once and a while. It’s ok if I don’t finish all the housework in one day. I guess maybe she is teaching me something. After all, I did leave a sink full of dishes, and went to the park instead. Of course, y’all know it doesn’t take very many bowls and cups to fill that sink. It’s ok. I may wash them tonight, but I may color instead. I’m trying to bring out more of my two year old self.
That is all 🙂












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