3 Facts for the Day

16 05 2013

1. Busy day today at the Gowen home, or rather a busy day away from the Gowen home. I went to the dermatologist today, and took the girls. No, I haven’t lost my mind. I took my Aunt with me to keep them entertained. It was just an annual check-up. I inherited my Mom’s “freckles”. Oh, who am I kidding? They’re moles. Sometimes I feel like a wicked witch. No one in the Mommy Club informed me that my “beauty marks” would grow and multiply as a bonus to pregnancy. I guess it goes along with other unmentionables like add 1/2 a shoe size for each baby, invest in glasses (even though your vision used to be 20/10), and grab a purple marker for fun to play connect the varicose veins. Even the Anesthetist administering my epidural told me I should go get my moles checked. Geez. If you’re concerned, don’t be. The Dr. glimpsed at them for 5 seconds and told me they were benign. Yay me.
2. We decided to enjoy a leisurely day in Tupelo after my appointment. Chloe enjoyed a ride on the carousel with her Aunt while I made circles of my own putting a fussy baby to sleep. They’ve got a little play area at the mall. Ben and I have never let Chloe go in there due to so many larger children running about. We’re just a tad overprotective. I noticed a sign there advertising child drop off at the Sears. Are you kidding me? I couldn’t drop my 2 year old off with strangers, and who knows what else. I did mention I’m a tad protective, right? Anyway, today there were only a few small children present, so I let her play. She had so much fun. It’s funny what you’ll spend time doing for your child. Today I sat on carpet that resembled grass and watched Chloe climb a plastic tree. There was a child there running around on all fours like a character from The Jungle Book. It didn’t help that she was growling as she chased my little girl. I had a moment of fear of rabies, but managed to stay seated and let it work itself out. While I was nursing the baby with my handy dandy breast feeding apron, my Aunt drew my attention to an awesome shirt in a window across the way. I gazed with wanting, but suddenly felt a breeze. I then realized Bailey had thrown off the apron and had delatched leaving my nipple on display for the world. Sorry single Dad sitting across from me! While we were barefoot, my Aunt and I noticed we have the same feet. This is always nice to see someone around who shares my same genetic make-up, since Mom is gone and Dad adopted me. I do hope the girls don’t get our feet though. Talk about monkey toes. I could show that plastic tree and the Jungle Book kid a thing or two.
3. The only problem with being gone all day is the coming home part, especially if it’s late. I always try to do too much. I don’t know why. I just do. Tonight I caught myself cooking dinner, feeding Bailey rice cereal, and giving Chloe a bath, simultaneously. It’s amusing, I’m sure, to watch me brown ground beef, spoon feed, and put pajamas on a squirming two year old all at the same time. Then, it’s like they know you’re in a hurry to get things done before bed, and they just try to mess with you. Bailey pooped through her fresh pajamas after her bath. Chloe poured everyone’s shampoo out into the tub. Once her pajamas where on and I asked her to go get her brush, she came back with no brush, but soaking wet pajamas from pouring the bottle of detangling spray out on herself. Meanwhile the baby is screaming because she’s ready for bed, and a pot of pasta is boiling over. This is when the real test begins of if I can hold my prior life as a potty mouth at bay. I passed tonight, but only by the skin of my teeth. The good thing about a full day of fun away from home is that all people under 3 fall asleep early and sleep soundly. Glad I thought to stop and rent a movie for Mommy and Daddy.
That is all 🙂








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