3 Facts for the Day

17 05 2013

1. This morning I woke up and felt kind of bummed out. This is a common occurrence for a Friday. If you’re a close friend or frequent reader, then you know Friday is sometimes a melancholy day for me. It signals the time to return to work. While I love nursing, my heart currently resides with mothering, and this makes going to work difficult. It’s only two days, you may say. Well, that’s two days I can’t spend at home. Maybe it’s silly to you, but that’s ok. That’s not the point anyway. The point is more of a follow up to yesterday’s post. I spoke of faith, child like faith. When I found myself feeling blue this morning, I wanted to turn around and kick my own self in the rear end. How could I be down? How could I be dwelling on my current situation when I know God hears the cries of my heart? That’s faith, right? When you know God is working to make the way for you, so you wait patiently for His timing. That’s it, right? I couldn’t believe the same woman who cried while reading Hebrews yesterday, so thankful for God’s faithfulness, could now be fretting over not having my prayer answered in a Burger King fashion (my way, right away).
2. I’m always so proud of how Chloe is constantly learning things. I love to see her mind blossom. Last night we worked in an activity book, and I enjoyed seeing her catch on so quickly. For a child who can brush her own teeth, get dressed with minimal assistance from me, and manage to get whatever snack she desires from the kitchen; she certainly seems to not comprehend the baby’s nap time. Every single time, without fail, that I get Bailey to sleep, Chloe will appear out of no where and use her loudest voice to address me. I have told her time and again that if she can just wait until I get the baby asleep and in her room behind a closed door, then I can give her all my attention. It seems so simple to me. Wake the baby, you get no attention. Wait till she’s asleep, you get it all! I know she understands. I know she does. But she can’t wait.
3. Even the baby knows that when she cries, Momma will come. She is such a secure infant, and usually upon waking, does not cry, but simply calls out for me with a simple squeal. I have always been the type to try and calm her crying within a short period of time so she finds security in knowing that if she needs help, I’m here. Occasionally, she will wake prematurely from her nap and begin to cry. At these times, I stand listening to the baby monitor, but do not go to her. I know full well she needs to sleep some more, and my presence would only pull her out of slumber. God spoke to me this morning on all this. Sometimes you may feel like you’re praying without ceasing, your intentions are good and Christ centered, and you truly believe He can answer you. So what’s the problem you wonder. You may even wonder if He hears you! Consider the fact that He may be standing over the monitor, but waiting to come to you with your request until the right time. He knows you’re not ready. I know this! Chloe knows not to talk loud when I’m rocking the baby. I have to consistently remind her to be quiet. I also have to consistently remind myself to be quiet, to be still, to know that He is God. Like Chloe, if I can wait for the right time, the reward will be great. He told me today that He was going before me and making the way straight, that He had already started answering my prayer. I’m grateful that my Father understands when I forget, and He has to remind me. His comfort and peace that fall upon me help me to rest in His presence, like the baby, and keep my faith knowing that when I cry, He hears me.
I don’t have it all figured out by any means, but I hope you enjoy joining with me to figure it out together. I’ll try not to be too hard on myself, and don’t you either. Father is good.
That is all 🙂





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