3 Facts for the Day

20 05 2013

1. You know you’re working hard when you let out a sigh of relief when you sit down to pump breast milk. If you’ve ever pumped, you’ll understand. It’s not that it’s a tortuous experience, but it’s definitely not a leisurely, enjoyable task. So if I consider going to pump as a pleasant break, then you know it’s been “one of those days”. You know it’s “one of those days” when you wish there was a backdoor to your patient’s room, since you glimpse people just waiting for you to come out so they can ask you to do something else. You look at the closet longingly, hoping against hope, that it is a portal to another place. Heck, it can be Narnia as far as your concerned. As long as it’s far, far away, you’ll take it. When your patient’s family members manage to find you in the employee break room, it’s probably been “one of those days.” When you consider yourself lucky to have eaten 1/2 of your lunch, it’s probably been “one of those days.” If when you arrive in the morning, and all of your patients have a wet wash cloth on their heads as they hover over an emesis basis, it’s gonna be “one of those days.” If you feel like a personal servant or hand maiden, rather than a professional, then it’s definitely “one of those days!” If you long to hear a please or thank you, then I’m sorry, it’s most likely “one of those days.” Yep. I’ve had “one of those days.”
2. I encountered a fella today whose personality struck me the wrong way. My first impulse was “what a jerk!” As I spent a little more time thinking about it, I concluded that I really didn’t think he meant to come across that way. Different people have different personalities. Just Friday, I had reflected back on an encounter I had that day, and I thought I could have responded differently. I sometimes may see someone out, and I’ll smile and say hello, but not start up a conversation. It’s not that I’m unfriendly or don’t like to talk to folks. It’s just my personality. My husband once described a lady like this: “I think you’d like her. She’s like you. She looks mad a lot of the time, and doesn’t speak, but she’s not mad.” I didn’t even realize my own husband saw that about me. Then this morning I encountered a girl who always seems to have it all together. She’s the kind that always looks perfect and never forgets to write a thank you note. (I consistently forget those)! My initial reaction wanted to be perturbed at such presumed perfection. (Presumed by me, not her, I’m sure). I had to stop myself, and remember that we are all different with different personalities, strengths, and weaknesses. I prayed two things. One, for God to help me have a friendlier personality that lifts others up. Two, for God to help me see others through His eyes and not my own. I am a work in progress. Feels good.
3. When I pulled into the driveway, I could see Ben through the window. He was walking around, holding the baby. I thought that might indicate a fussy baby. He confirmed that she had been a little on the fussy side, crying unless he held her and entertained her. After we had settled in, and everyone had eaten (Bailey included), we went to watch a movie. Bailey laid on the bed, content, simply playing with her feet. Ben asked “How can she be so content after being out of her mind all day?!” I replied, “I boobified her. Can’t you do that?” He just smiled. Yes, Mommy has a secret weapon. Feels good to be special, and really good at something.
That is all 🙂





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