3 Facts for the Day

22 05 2013

1. I simply adore how God is capable of turning a negative into a positive. If you didn’t read my post yesterday, or even if you did, I’ll recap briefly. I took our SUV into the dealer to fix a recall and discovered that the bottom of my vehicle was a rusting death trap waiting to happen. I was pretty upset over the situation initially, but felt a peace fall over me pretty quickly. Ben and I discussed it and prayed over the situation, and felt it was best to cut our losses and trade our jeep in for something else.
2. I have wanted a larger vehicle for some time, especially since the baby has joined us. When we have Ben’s oldest daughter too, it’s really tight with the two carseats. We have been putting off getting something bigger for financial reasons. We’ve just dealt with the inconveniences of a smaller family vehicle, in addition to its other problems. I’ve told y’all about the air conditioning only having one setting, the constant engine light on since we bought it, and this latest pulling all over the road business. We dealt with all this rather than fall into a large car payment that we weren’t sure we could afford. I’ve been wanting a minivan, but felt certain we couldn’t make that kind of payment (and have a reliable vehicle). I’ve prayed several times for a minivan. Don’t laugh at me. I talk to God about everything, and sometimes that may include a desire for a better family vehicle. I prayed last night that he would help us find the best vehicle for us at the best price. I prayed for wisdom to know it when we saw it. Before bed I thought to look online. I had a vehicle just jump out at me. I showed Ben and did some research. I finally fell asleep about 2 am, with an attitude that we would just have to go and see.
3. I am so excited right now. I feel like a child on Christmas morning, or on their birthday. I have a beautiful minivan. It’s exactly what I have been wanting, but even better. It was the one I had found online last night. This morning I just felt like that was the one, but I wasn’t going to get my hopes up. If it smelled like cigarette smoke, it was gonna be a no! And that comes from a former smoker. I hate the smell now. We looked at other used vans as well, but none could hold a candle to the one we picked. It’s funny. Some of the other vans were more expensive, but not as nice as the one we chose. The one we got has all the bells and whistles. There’s a DVD player for Chloe, and Ben just keeps opening the side sliding doors with the remote. I guess we’re both like kids with a new toy. We got a wonderful vehicle just right for us at a great price. It was definitely a prayer answered. God knew this was the right time and the right van for us. I am still grinning, and feel beyond blessed.
That is all 🙂







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