3 Facts for the Day

23 05 2013

1. The past couple of days have been so busy that they’ve really gotten us out of our routine. That’s not to say we have a strict routine, per say. I’m not sure if there’s such a thing, and if you say there is, you’re either trying to sell something or you’ve been ingesting the wrong kind of mushroom. What I’m saying is the tiny shred of a semblance to a routine that we strive for daily was disrupted over the past two days. Neither Chloe nor Bailey were allotted the time or atmosphere conducive for naps. I know the Master Sleep Ninja (Chloe) wasn’t too bothered, and her protege (Bailey) didn’t seem to mind either, but their foul moods by day’s end told Mommy another story. Sometimes life happens. It’s like a drunken relative showing up unannounced at a dinner party. They’re family, so you pull them up a chair, but the whole time you’re worried what’s gonna happen next. I try not to get too bent out of shape by broken routines. Life’s curveballs usually make for the best memories later on, or at least make for a good story. The drunken relative usually maintains exceptionally well, and their jokes add an interesting flavor to the night.
2. Even though I like to make the most of the unexpected, I’m always secretly glad for a return to the mundane (if there is such a thing). It’s like how you love going on a trip, but enjoy getting back to your own bed. The slowness of today allowed me the ability to fall back into our daily routine. I was distraught yesterday when I realized it was 4 pm and Chloe had only eaten fruit snacks all day! I tried not to beat myself up over it. It had been a crazy day. I was glad, though, to be able to fix her eggs for breakfast. Bailey had cereal and fruit. I wanted to get her nice and full in anticipation of returning to a three hour nap time. Once you fall off the wagon, it’s hard to get back on. It’s even more difficult if you got someone grabbing your leg and pulling you down. If Bailey was metaphorically being pulled off the nap wagon, then it was no doubt caused by big sister. I put Bailey to sleep four times today. Chloe woke her up four times. I think it’s a conspiracy to keep me from cleaning house. Chloe is a closet hoarder and wants her dirty clothes, toys, and discarded paper plates and juice boxes right where she left them. (You know nap time is the only time I can clean). I am strong and powerful though. I still reside over this kingdom, and eventually naps and dishes were completed (kind of like a routine).
3. One thing has occurred out of routine that I just love. I’ll actually miss it when things get back to normal. Ben’s work has been closed this week as they prepare to move buildings. He has still worked, but not until 9 at night. Today he came home around 4:30. It felt like a special treat. It wasn’t just having him around to help with the children. It was more than that. I truly enjoy the company of my best friend, and I miss him when he’s not here. It’s nice to have extra time together. We went for a ride in the new van. There wasn’t anywhere we really needed to go. I just wanted to drive it. We ended up going for ice cream. Yes, we went right before dinner. Sometimes a break from routine is indeed a sweet treat.
That is all 🙂





2 responses

23 05 2013

“It’s like a drunken relative showing up unannounced at a dinner party. They’re family, so you pull them up a chair, but the whole time you’re worried what’s gonna happen next. “–I like how that illustrates your point. Spot on. I only know because I saw it on a movie…:)

23 05 2013

I’ve never had that happen in the dinner party sense, but I do have a drunken relative that makes me cringe when he comes around! Lol.

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