3 Facts for the Day

24 05 2013

1. It’s funny how the small things can affect you so deeply. Today I went outside to put some stickers on the back of the new van. I’m talking about the little stick figure stickers that you see people put on their vehicles to signify their family. Some people may think they’re kinda silly, but I’m not bothered by that. I think they’re adorable. I had them on my last vehicle, and definitely wanted them again on this one. This time around I got to change it up. I changed the baby figure of Chloe to a little girl figure, and added another baby to the happy little family. When I saw the little family stuck to the back of my van, it reminded me of just how blessed I am. For some reason, at the time, those stickers spoke to me stronger than a family portrait could. I just felt happy at that moment, so full, so content.
2. Today God spoke to me about my perspective. God calls us to lay down our life and follow Him. Quite often I’m so concerned with how circumstances are effecting me and what I want them to be. I can easily forget about what He wants them to be. When I chose to live my life for God, I agreed to follow His will for it. So the circumstances in my life are no longer mine alone. I may be where I am in a situation because that’s where He wants me to be, or that’s where I’m most useful for His kingdom. To look at things this way will banish a lot of the complaining that’s easy to fall into. By remembering that my life is His, I can focus more on how my circumstances further His work, rather than how they’re not working for me. By turning control over to Him and focusing on what I can do for His people, He is more able to work things perfectly in line for us both. I hope this doesn’t sound as rambling as I’m afraid it does. He made it perfectly clear to me, but how it comes out is a different story.
3. I’ve still been able to enjoy having Ben come home at a decent hour. Tonight he grilled burgers for us. It was delicious. I fed both children before I got my plate, with the hope of eating in peace. I think that’s just unheard of in mothers and I should just accept that fact. I cannot recall the last time I sat down and ate a meal in its entirety without getting up to get something for someone else. Actually I can. It was when Ben and I went out on a date a couple of months ago, and ate at a restaurant. At home, though, it ain’t happening. I sat in the floor with my plate so I could be at eye level with a baby in a bumbo seat who was ready for bed. In between bites, I made silly faces and sillier sounds to keep her occupied. At the same time, I had a two year old climbing into my lap, sticking her hand down my shirt, and asking for food from my plate (even though she just ate). I scarfed down my burger without a thought to my surroundings. It’s simply commonplace. I guess it’s good I’m so full of that happiness I spoke of above, since I can never finish my plate. I’m smiling as I write this.
That is all 🙂





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