3 Facts for the Day

25 05 2013

1. Most Fridays I try to get everything in order for anticipation of a weekend at work. I make sure the laundry is folded, dishes are done, etc. I don’t know why I insist on this. It’s not like I’m expecting a visit from the Queen or anything while I’m out. I guess I just want everything organized and completed so it won’t be a problem for others while I’m away. This morning I knew I had dishes to wash and put away, and clothes in the dryer waiting to be folded, but I put it off. I asked myself, “What exactly will happen if I don’t fold the laundry?” My answer to self was “nothing really.” With my wild and crazy, cavalier attitude in place, I decided to enjoy a beautiful day outside.
2. I had bought a small, inflatable pool to set-up in the back yard. I decided to go ahead and get it put up today. Chloe was ecstatic! The second I had it flat and started putting water in it, she was all in. She was overjoyed and completely motivated to make today a swimming day. Even as I explained to her that the water would be very cold, and would take a while to warm up, she still forged ahead. Even as I saw her little lips shivering, she insisted she wasn’t too cold to enjoy the water. It made me wish I could approach life with the same zeal that Chloe does. Just jump right in, she does. Step into the water, and wade out a little bit deeper. I let her play some, but continued to question her about being cold. Eventually she conceded, and admitted defeat to climate control. I held her close in a fluffy towel, allowing the sun to warm us both. I guess even the most adventurous, and least inhibited ones still need to be held close in a big towel.
3. I am consistently working to be the best wife and mom I can be. Ben may not be talking, but I can usually count on Chloe to let me know where I’m falling short. This morning we were taking a bath together when suddenly the baby awoke and started crying. I told her I had to get out and get the baby. She sighed and said, “I am so tired! I’m tired of everything!” I recognized my own words right away. I know I had only said that once in a moment of exasperation, but once is all it takes with a two year old. She even used my same tone of voice. It sounded horrible! There’s nothing like hearing regretted words, that you’d rather forget, come out of your child’s mouth. I explained to her that I wasn’t tired of everything, that I actually enjoyed my life. She replied, “Well, I’m tired. I could take a nap.” This response did give me some hope that she didn’t truly understand my words, and I said a quick prayer that she’d forget them. Parenthood, it’s always a learning and growing process. Today’s lesson, guard your words. You don’t mean them, so don’t let them fall out of your mouth. Check. I hopefully won’t need a repeat lesson.
That is all 🙂





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