3 Facts for the Day

26 05 2013

1. Well, surprise, surprise. I’m tired today, but I can’t blame the baby. That kiddo was still snoozing soundly when I got up. For some reason I didn’t sleep well last night. I kept waking up repeatedly. I would look out the window expecting to see sunshine, but it would still be dark. I was a clock watcher, and I hate that. When I got up, I was overcome with a sense of dread. I just couldn’t figure out what was bothering me! I didn’t know what had kept me awake, and what was making me feel worried when I woke for good. One thing I know is that panic, dread, worry, and similar feelings that try to consume you, are not of God. So I prayed for His Holy Spirit to come and calm me, and speak to me about why I was feeling like I was. It’s amazing how when you ask for stuff like that, there is a noticeable change almost immediately. I felt calm. He brought to mind a reason why I likely didn’t sleep well. He also spoke to me about an issue I was concerned over. These thoughts came calmly and straightforward, without fear. When they come that way, solutions are usually easy to see, instead of being camouflaged by worry. I left the shower in a different state of mind than I entered it.
2. I’ll go ahead and put a smile on your face at my expense. Last night before bed I was playing with the baby. Like a novice, I lifted her up in the air above my head, to make her giggle. She proceeded to spit up right in my eyeball. I’ve gotten it down my cleavage numerous times, but this was a first. I just busted out laughing at myself. That child is amazing. She is getting so big. She doesn’t look like a little baby anymore. She looks like a big baby. I know. You’re amazed at my eloquent, descriptive text of my child. I pulled out the extensive vocabulary on that one. It’s true though. She is also doing so much more, noticing everything, and following your every move. She almost always has a smile on her face, and if you smile first, she definitely will. I sometimes think she’s part bird. When she gets excited or wants to be picked up, she will flap her arms and open her little mouth very wide. She sucks her thumb, and instead of worrying about future orthodontics, I think it’s adorable. She puts it in her mouth all the time, even between spoonfuls of cereal and swigs of milk. She has captured Mommy’s heart for sure.
3. Tonight at work, when I went to the bathroom, my patient became frightened when he couldn’t see me. His monitor made an alarm noise that scared him. So, he called 911. That’s right. An intensive care patient who has someone paid just to watch those monitors that frightened him so, felt no option other than to dial 911. I had shown him the call light a couple of times. That apparently wasn’t good enough. He wanted to see a nurse in his range of sight. Afterwards, he asked me why he wasn’t assigned two nurses to watch him. I tried to explain there was a monitor tech and other nurses only a call light away, but he didn’t understand. Sigh. It is at moments like this that I must put myself in the patient’s shoes. While the beeping noises are commonplace to me, they are scary to him. When fear grips you, common sense cannot prevail. I have to keep that in mind, especially in instances like this one. Now that I’m home, it’s even laughable.
That is all 🙂





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