3 Facts for the Day

27 05 2013

1. I had the opportunity today to assist in the care of a patient who was a slave to her addictions. That may sound like a strong description, but what other way can you describe a habit that consumes you so completely, that it will kill you. Instead of looking at all the bruises, cuts, dirt, and human excrement with disdain or an air of superiority, I felt humbled. I felt grateful that Jesus saved me.
2. This morning something made me think of an acquaintance. I remembered a few different things I had heard about them, things that would make me want to judge their character. I was reminded that things I’ve heard about someone, don’t define who they are. I figure people have heard plenty of things about me over the years. I thought, “Imagine if people assume they know me based on those things?!” I’m sure a lot of it might have been true at one time or another. I have no shame over that though. The important thing is God saved me and changed me for good. I’m no longer what rumors or stories paint me to be. I’m no longer what my past actions proclaim as my character. I am redeemed.
3. A wonderful song by Matthew West , called “Hello My Name Is”, came to my mind. I like the entire song, but one verse especially rings true. It says:

I am no longer defined
By all the wreckage behind
The one who makes all things new
Has proven it’s true
Just take a look at my life.

I looked at the disheveled patient in the bed with severely bloodshot eyes, and knew it could just as easily have ended up being me laying there.
I thought of the guy with the colorful stories that littered his past, and hoped he could move beyond it. Then I thought, maybe he already has. Maybe he’s been made new as well. It’s not really my job to profile him based on his actions. That’s between him and God. My hope is that when people see me now, they see a brilliant light shining from within me. Maybe they knew me before, and will want to know what happened to turn me around. I won’t regret my past or poor decisions I made. Rather I will be grateful that it’s all done and gone. I will hope that God can use it, that others can see what a transformation can be. If you ever want to talk about it, let me know.

I’m including a link for the song I mentioned.

That is all đŸ™‚





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