3 Facts for the Day

5 06 2013

1. Yesterday, as we sat in the parking lot to go into the store together, I saw a friend my husband and I knew as teenagers. I pointed her out to Ben, and made a comment on how thin she was. I’m not sure why women do that, but we do. We will notice nice attributes in another lady, and maybe even compare them to ourselves. It would have been very easy for Ben to ignore my comment about how nice I thought the woman looked. Or he could have even agreed with me about her pretty figure, using the man’s simple and safe phrase “uh huh”. I know full well that he grows tired of my negative opinion I may have of myself, especially after the baby. He could have seen my comment as another stab at my own imagined inadequacies, and in frustration, let it go without comment, or even worse, told me what a moron I am! Instead, he decided to compliment me. He commented on how when we were young, he picked the best girl of us all. He even seemed to be patting himself on the back for making such a good decision. His simple, but extremely sweet compliment hit me just right. I, unbeknownst to him, was having a low self esteem day. (Yes, I’m still working on that). His uplifting words were just what I needed. I have never known a man to make me feel as beautiful as my husband does. He builds me up.
2. We recently have been working to switch our Cable TV provider. We’re happy with our service, but it comes down to price. Well, it seems that when a service provider came out to do some work, he backed his large truck into my basketball goal and bent the pole really badly. Accidents happen. It was the fact that he didn’t tell me that bothered me. He came to the door to tell me he was done. I know he had to hear and feel the crash. Anyway, when scheduling an additional appointment, I mentioned the incident to the call center. They had a supervisor call me back. After repeating my story, he offered me a $10 discount. I handed the phone over to Ben. I was thinking that was a ludicrous offer. I was frustrated and wanted to raise my voice to get my feelings of injustice across. I sat there stewing in my indignation, and something happened. I listened as my husband spoke calmly and kindly to the man on the phone. I couldn’t understand at first. That was his basketball goal and he loved that thing! He proceeded to tell the guy, “It’s all about doing what’s right. It bothered us that the driver didn’t say anything. That’s not your fault, but I appreciate that you acknowledge that something was done, and you’re trying to make it right. The $10 discount will be fine.” I sat humbled by my husband’s character. $10 wouldn’t fix or replace our basketball goal, but it’s all about doing the right thing. Sometimes the right thing is showing God’s character to others. He inspires me.
3. Today there was a woman’s group from our church that I really wanted to attend. I really miss going to church on Sundays. Our church is small and doesn’t have Wednesday night services. I’ve blogged before how I’ve watched my quiet time and spiritual growth increase since I started missing Sundays! I found myself seeking His face more often during the week when I began to miss Sundays. So while I feel like my relationship with The Lord has grown instead of lacking after starting to work weekends, I do miss the worship and fellowship tremendously. Needless to say, I’ve been excited since they mentioned starting a weekly held women’s group. Since I miss announcements on Sunday, I didn’t realize it was starting today. I didn’t have a sitter or the time to find one. I texted Ben about it, just to share with him as I always do. I didn’t expect him to do anything. Instead of texting back “I’m sorry baby”, he texted back an offer to try and leave work early. Or if he couldn’t leave, he offered for me to bring the two older girls to him. I ended up getting an offer from my Mother-in-law (bless her) to watch the girls. I honestly didn’t know how Ben would have pulled that one off, but his offer touched me. He cares and listens to me enough to know what things are important to me. He also is willing to sacrifice of himself to make those things happen for me. He gives me his all, his 100%, his full devotion to our marriage. I am blessed with such a partner. I love you dear. Thank you.
That is all 🙂






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5 06 2013

Love you both!

5 06 2013

Thank you! We love you 🙂

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