3 Facts for the Day

7 06 2013

1. I get to sit down to my blog now because my children are being adored by older women. The baby is putting on her best show, giving coos and giggles for each ooh and ahh. Today we went to visit my Aunt that I blog of often. She had a visitor in town who so happens to be my oldest living relative left on my Mother’s side. I was eager to visit with this woman who always asked, “How’s little Brie doing?”, per my Aunt. I hadn’t seen Betty Ruth since I was around 10 years old. The interesting thing is that when I saw her today, I thought she looked exactly the same. I remember seeing her as an “old woman” when I was young. Today I saw her as a monument to memories and a lifetime of joyful experiences.
2. The baby took to Betty Ruth immediately. She sat in her lap without a single whimper. It wasn’t long before she began to smile at her and explore this new person. Her tiny hand brushed across Betty’s wrinkled face, feeling each striation with wonder and awe. Chloe initially seemed afraid, but thawed to all the compliments and stories. By the end of our visit, she was pushing Betty Ruth in her wheelchair throughout the house and playing with her magnifying glass. We went out to eat. I felt like Chloe acted like a wild child, but when we got back, Betty Ruth commented on how good my children were. At first I thought she was just being nice, but as she repeated, “They’re so beautiful because they’re so good”, I could tell she was sincere. My dryer is still in the repair process, so I brought my dirty laundry along to wash. Betty Ruth offered to fold my clothes. I agreed because I could tell she really wanted to. She sat across from my Aunt and they giggled to each other as they took delight in the tiny outfits they folded. Chloe did acrobatics and ballerina dance moves, calling out, “Look MeeMo and MeeMaw!”
3. When I went into my Aunt’s bathroom, I caught sight of a pastel yellow, little duck scrub brush. I remember taking baths at her house when I was maybe 6 six years old, and I used that same duck to scrub my dirty feet. Her house is like that for me. She rarely gets rid of anything, so every nook and cranny is packed with memories for me. When Betty Ruth looked at Chloe, she would smile and say, “She looks like you.” I could tell she was picturing a young version of me from years ago. The entire day was like a walk down memory lane with yesterday meeting today. Betty Ruth smiled at Chloe maneuvering my smart phone like a pro. Chloe marveled at her baking homemade fried apple pies. As I changed the baby’s diaper, she surmised “We’ve all had our butts wiped by somebody else some time in our lives.” I smiled watching them play with my children, knowing memories were being made, but also remembered. On my way home, I passed a retirement apartment building. I saw an elderly women stooped down listening to a 5 year old girl telling her a story. I could tell from the lady’s posture, that she was enjoying the tale. It just served to remind me how precious generational exchanges can be. I am so grateful for family, the memories made, and those still to come.
That is all 🙂








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