3 Facts for the Day

8 06 2013

1. I wasn’t sure what to write about today. I post every day, and most days I have no idea what will come out. If you’re reading this, then thank you faithful reader. Some days, when I look at the statistics for whose visited my site, and the numbers are low; I have to think maybe I write this just for me. And if that’s the case, then that’s ok. I feel like putting my thoughts down is something I was led to do. It’s become a daily thing I do, as routine to me as brushing my teeth. Some days I’m a little occupied with the children, and it’s all I can do to say a little bit on here, but I feel like it’s important to do it everyday. It’s something I’ve become dedicated to doing, and I think a little dedication is good for everyone. If ever a word I say helps someone that day, then it has served its purpose. I am writing a book at night, as well, and hopefully God can use it to speak to people. I love when His words can speak life into people, and some days He may can use me to facilitate that. When He does, I feel super blessed.
2. I have actually felt super blessed, and at peace all day. This is slightly unusual for me for a Friday. You, faithful reader, know that Fridays make me sad, with thoughts of going to work and missing my babies. Today, for some reason, I haven’t felt that dread that tries to creep up on me by week’s end. I can only explain my calm and contented nature by ascertaining that God is covering me with His grace. I don’t know for sure what He has in mind, but I feel a peace about our future. All day I’ve been able to look around me at the blessings of an everyday life. Something about gratitude and thanksgiving just puts the mind at ease, doesn’t it? Give it a try. Something about being joyful just chases the blues away. I think as I’ve been reflecting back on how God has delivered me, it’s given me a spirit of undeserving yet completely grateful joy.
3. When you can see the silver lining of all things, it is always good. When Chloe first started saying da-da, I just couldn’t wait until she said ma-ma. Well, once she got Momma down pat, she never stopped! “Momma hold me. Momma, I want something to eat. Momma play with me.” Ben can be standing right there, but she’ll ask me. She can be in the room with him, but will come find me to get her water. She’s started asking so many questions too! Why, why, why. That’s what she wants to know. Today she asked me “What’s The Milky Way?” She has been asking more and more questions like that, that seem beyond her years. I am sometimes perturbed, as she will ask over and over until you answer, but more than that, I am full of pride and joy. She wants me to do it & she wants to ask me because Momma will know why. I feel like I’m in this magical time in my life. Every day I get to answer questions and watch her eyes as she thinks about my answer. Every day I get to care for their every single need. They rely on me. God has entrusted me with a wonderful and important task of raising His followers. How can that be bad? So, I’m feeling really good today. I can’t see His whole plan, but I can see what He’s put in my hands now. I can feel His peace about my future. I can ruminate of the goodness and perfect joy of a life saved. Mine.
That is all 🙂







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