3 Facts for the Day

9 06 2013

1. I could talk to y’all about what a tough day I’ve had. I could tell you how dog tired I am. I could let you know that it’s been a crazy day full of coding folks, intubating them, and saving lives, but the above snippet is probably as in depth as I’ll go about all of that. I had already decided today that I was going to blog about Miss Bailey Boo. That’s what I affectionately call her. Her given name is Bailey Noelle, since she was born in December. One day, early on, I called her Miss Bailey Boo and it just stuck. She just loves it when I address her with that title in a chipper voice. I’m certain it’s my tone, inflection, and stupid grin that gets her laughing, but I’ll pretend it’s the ridiculously adorable nickname.
2. Miss Bailey Boo is 6 months old today! I believe it too. She’s so big, or as my mother-in-law calls it, grownee. She has been practicing sitting up on her own. She’s not good enough to be left unassisted, but she can hold herself upright for a little while. She constantly wants to sit up. If I put her in her inclined bassinet, called a rock-n-play, she immediately sits completely upright and starts trying to dive out. I cannot leave her in it unattended anymore. Her feet hang off the end of her swing, and are close to that in her carseat. She averages about 11 hours of uninterrupted sleep a night. She has started doing this in her crib, and I’m still in shock. A baby sleeping in her crib, and all night long without waking up to eat is a big deal for us. Chloe woke every two hours to eat until 9 months, and then still nursed twice a night until 18 months! That kid is still in our bed. My little independent Bailey won’t have it, though. She doesn’t seem to sleep well in our bed, so this protective Mommy managed to put her in her own room. She is watching and listening all the time! She knows her name. She recognizes voices. I often think she’s going to strain her little neck when she tries to turn around and see Ben and I conversing. She grabs at everything. I’m going to have to really get diligent with watching Chloe and the small toys. Of course, Bailey puts everything in her mouth. She thinks she can talk, and has a very serious look on her face when she is gooing and gaaing.
3. She forever has her thumb in her mouth. She loves it. I don’t think about worries over a 10 year old thumb sucker, cause right now it’s just too cute. When she eats, she takes breaks to suck her thumb. She’s not full. She just stops after a drink or bite and sucks her thumb for about 30 seconds. It’s like she’s enjoying the taste and takes pleasure in it. It occurred to me last night, when she did it between bites of rice cereal, that she was savoring her meal. I thought that was pretty sweet, and quite like her Momma. It has occurred to me before that I think Bailey will be my tender hearted little one. I now think she will also have a zeal for life that is beyond the norm. I’m certainly savoring her little life. She is growing so quickly, I take each moment in. If I thought sucking my thumb would help, I’d do that!
That is all 🙂






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