3 Facts for the Day

11 06 2013

1. I’ve come to the conclusion that I am the coolest, funniest, prettiest lady on this planet. I am also the best cook in the whole wide world and I tell stories better than anyone. I believe these things to be true because my children make me feel that way. My Monday was stellar as usual. The baby and I both slept 11 hours straight and it was fantastical. I enjoyed a leisurely, lazy morning with my cup of joe. It almost spilled on me 18 times. This is because I am so popular and fun to be around. My little shadow, Chloe, followed me like Mary’s little lamb. If I got up from the chair, where she was rolling all over my lap, and moved to the love seat; then she would relocate also. Aside from being the most popular girl in my house, I am also the most beautiful. As I sat in my mismatched pajamas complete with bed head, Chloe told me, “You’re so pretty Momma. I wub you!”
2. We enjoyed a wonderful family day. We all went for a swim at a friend’s home. I am the best swimmer ever, and perform the most amazing technique off the diving board. I know this is an accurate description. Just ask my two year old. She was quite amazed to see an in-ground pool. When we arrived, she said, “I did not know this pool was like this.” She proceeded to tell the owner, “You’re pool is awesome!” I think she was a little intimidated at first, despite her water wings, but when I got in with her, she was fine. I don’t know if I told you, but I can prevent all harm, and even when I can’t, my kisses heal all ills.
3. I got to end my day with a dinner date with my sexy sweetheart. It was sans my little fan club. They stayed with Nonnie. She is pretty magical too, according to Chloe, and is an acceptable replacement in my absence. We enjoyed Ribs. Ben hasn’t eaten anything that salty in forever and filled up quickly. We took home a nice treat of leftovers for Millie (the dog for those unaware). We decided to walk off our dinner in Walmart. I remembered I live in a small town when I recognized a complete stranger in the detergent aisle. She had eaten at the Rib Shack also. I was once again reminded that I’m the prettiest girl in town. That’s certainly how I felt when my husband reached for my hand as we meandered through the store. Once home, it was time to get the children ready for bed. I don’t know if you heard, but I am the most hilarious woman around. That’s what the baby thinks when I make silly sounds as I change her diaper. Her laughter is louder and heartier than a crowd at any comedy club. Her eyes light up, and make me feel adored. I can think of no better ending to my day. I feel special indeed.
That is all 🙂











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